Bullet Club Member May Be Facing Neck Surgery

Unfortunate news out of New Japan Pro Wrestling, as it appears that Bullet Club's Cody Hall may in fact require neck surgery.

Hall's father, the WWE Hall of Famer Razor Ramon/ Scott Hall, updated his son's condition to Slam! Sports. Scott Hall noted that Cody has passed up bookings, because he doesn't want people to see a lesser version of himself, and that he hopes to find out more information soon.

“He’s doing OK, he’s not healing quite as quickly as he’d hoped. He’s turned down a couple bookings because he’s got a lot of pride in his performance and he doesn’t want to go out there when he can’t be a 100 per cent. He’s been consulting with doctors in Japan where he was injured and here in the U.S. and he’s going to make a decision here in the next week or so about what route to go. Some are recommending surgery, some are just saying rehab. But I mean he’s in the gym every day. If you were to see him, you wouldn’t think he was injured at all. There’s just some little things with him. He’s real picky about his performances,” Scott said.

Cody Hall was injured in April at New Japan Pro Wrestling's Invasion Attack event. While catching one of his own Bullet Club teammates on a dive, Cody took the majority of the weight on his head, and was immobile for several minutes. Hall could be seen at ringside for quite some time until help finally arrived. He's been out of action ever since.

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