Bully Ray Would Not Have Made Marty Scurll The ROH Booker, Says He Pushed For Marty To Win World Title

Marty Scurll is sticking with Ring of Honor and, along with his new contract, has come new duties. Scurll is reportedly the new head booker of ROH, though he will continue to work alongside former booker Delirious. Scurll's contract reportedly expired in November, but he continued to work with the company through dates in December and January before the new deal was reportedly signed. 

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, ROH wrestler Bully Ray weighed in on Scurll sticking with the company. 

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"I'm happy for Ring of Honor that Marty is staying. It's a good move for both companies. Marty is, without a doubt one of those guys who have become a massive star in Ring of Honor. I've always said that Marty was the biggest star in the Bullet Club while Bullet Club was in ROH because his stock went up more than anybody else's. He did the same numbers, if not better numbers, with meet-and-greet and merchandise as Cody and The Young Bucks. Marty is definitely the babyface of the company," he said. 

Scurll reportedly had an offer to sign with AEW and join Cody and The Young Bucks in the company, but opted to remain with ROH, where he is also free to work for NWA and NJPW. 

On the subject of Marty being the new booker, Bully sounded skeptical by the idea. 

"Being the booker is a very difficult job, just on its own. Because you're worrying about creative or direction of matches for the entire company. Marty, being a top guy, has to worry about the stuff he's doing and now has to be a patient and good listener to all of the other talent in the company. If he's the head booker, all of the talent is going to want to talk to you about their push, character, and matches. When Marty is at TV and every guy from the top to the bottom of the card wants his ear, he has to make himself available to them. Just like [Delirious] did for 10 years. [Delirious] is still a part of the process and they will be working together. But if the final decision goes to Marty, that's okay because he has a different opinion and look at the company and it's always good to have different ideas. But he has to make himself available to everybody."

He continued, "If history does dictate to us anything about a top guy, in the middle of his career, having the pencil; it never bodes well. Whenever a guy, who is in the ring, who is the booker of a company, things haven't gone well. That's what history has taught us. It's gonna be rough. I'm more than willing to be patient and see what he can do. There's no doubt that Marty has a great mind for characters and getting himself over. He is great at getting himself over. Can he come up with creative ideas or matches to get everybody else over? Because that's your job as a booker. To be more precise, your job is to put people in spots to get themselves over.

"If it was up to me, I would have not made him the booker. I would have made him part of the creative process with [Delirious], working side-by-side," he stated

Many fans were disappointed when Scurll failed to win the ROH World Title at ROH-NJPW G1 Supercard in April 2019 at Madison Square Garden. Including Bully himself, who reportedly had some creative influence at the time. 

"I would have made Marty my ROH Champion. I was the one who vouched for and went on record before MSG -- I went to all of the higher-ups in ROH and said, 'This is the guy that should be your champion.' And I gave them every reason why."

Bully also claimed that he personally told Matt Taven, who ended up winning the ROH World Title inside MSG, that Marty should have won on that night.

Scurll reportedly began taking over creative duties at ROH Saturday Night at Center Stage on Jan. 11. On that night, Villain Enterprises (Scurll, Brody King, & Flip Gordon) lost the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Titles to Bandido, Rey Horus, & Flamita

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