Caprice Coleman Looks Back On His Days With OMEGA

Caprice Coleman was recently interviewed by Interactive Wrestling Radio on Wrestling Epicenter. You can see highlights of the interview below, and the full interview at this link.


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On a take-away from being trained by Matt and Jeff Hardy in OMEGA:
"I think the main thing I took away from them was never forget who you are and never forget the people that you helped. That is one thing they've never done. I can call them... As a matter of fact, Matt called me a couple of weeks ago because my son and him celebrate the same birthday. He called me just like that and that's the type of person he is. Same thing with Jeff. They never forget where they've come from. They never forget the people they've helped out and they continue to be that way. So, no matter how high I think I get, I never forget to show love for the people who are trying to get there and the people who helped me out along the way. I think that, being easy to work with, will help you out because there's a humbling part that knows that it can be taken away just like that."


On the legacy of OMEGA:
"I believe we were ahead of our time and I didn't realize it until later. We broke doors open that we didn't realize we were breaking down at the time. Matt had an eye for talent. He knew who were great. Steve Corino, Champagne, Joey Matthews... He'd see guys in other places and say "He's good enough to be part of this brand." When you look back on it, you realize you were a part of something great. When you look back on it now, we were so far ahead of the times. When OMEGA kind of split when Matt and Jeff got signed, I felt like I was in the land of the dinosaurs because the other places were doing way old school wrestling whereas I was a high flyer and an innovator even then because everybody in OMEGA was a high flyer and an innovator. They'd be like, "Oh man, that stuff is crazy. You don't need to do that stuff. You need to learn how to work!" For so many years, I heard that. I didn't find anybody who worked remotely the same way that I did until I went to NWA Wildside and that is where I met AJ Styles and all of them."

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