Cesaro: It Took Past Greats A While To Come Into Their Own; When The Moment Comes, I'll Be Ready

Since joining WWE in September 2011, Cesaro has held the Tag Team Titles multiple times and the United States Championship.

However, he has never had a one-on-one opportunity for the World Title.

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Speaking to the New York Post, Cesaro was asked what he thinks has prevented him from getting that opportunity.

"I think there have been a lot of different variables that go into it. Sometimes I feel like the squeaky wheel gets the grease kind of thing. Sometimes something that’s always there and reliable you kind of start to overlook it because you take it for granted. I always try to create as much momentum as I could and do the best with what I was given and am given and I think that’s the important part. Just keep working hard and make the best every single time with the opportunities that you’re given. If you look at some of the past greats, it all took them a while to come into their own and get to the world champion level. Yes, there are a few people that did it fast. But look at Edge, look at Bret Hart, look at all those guys. They are all with WWE for almost 10 years before they hit their big break," he said.

Cesaro is set to compete inside the Elimination Chamber on Sunday, February 21. Should he win, he will receive an immediate opportunity at Roman Reigns and the WWE Universal Championship.

Often labeled as "underrated" and "underutilized," many fans have pushed the idea of Cesaro going elsewhere. He reportedly agreed to a new WWE deal this year, though terms were not disclosed.

When asked about possibly going to a different company, Cesaro said, "So, I’m extremely stubborn. (Laughs). It’s a good and a bad thing obviously, but I really enjoy entertaining people and I really enjoy traveling all over the world and that’s what kept me going. I still believe in hard work paying off and that’s what I wanted to do. Of course, you start to think, OK what are other options or other possibilities. How can improve my standing maybe through some outside ventures or whatever? But in the end, I just figured OK when the right moment comes I’ll be ready and I’ll knock it out of the park."

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