Chad Gable: There Are A Lot Of Sides To Me That People Haven't Seen Yet

Chad Gable is just getting started. 

On Monday's WWE Raw, Chad Gable had a chance to take the next step in his career by defeating Baron Corbin to become the 2019 King of the Ring. Unfortunately, Gable came up short in the finals of the tournament. Coming up short has been a running theme for Gable as his recent opponents have made fun of his height during the tournament.

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"It’s great because some of the best stuff we do kind of blurs the lines in reality and entertainment. Trust me, that’s very real to me," Gable told TV Insider when asked about his size being brought up on television. "Ever since I got here the size thing has been an issue. It’s been a question in my own mind whether or not I’m big enough for this and capable of doing this. It’s interesting because never in my life did, I ever question myself through my whole Olympic career. I never questioned if I was ever cut out for this or if I could do this. As big as the Olympics seem as a goal, I never doubted myself.

"When I got to WWE those doubts were creeping in. So, it’s a unique storyline in that sense in that it is very real to me. The fact I’m having that chance to prove myself in this tournament and get past these boundaries, I’ve started to believe myself that if I do get there and prove that I’m worth it, it’s not going to be a storyline victory. It’s going to be real in my own head. I put some of those doubts to rest."

Following his loss to Corbin, WWE cameras caught up with Gable, who explained that he was in "a dark place" and frustrated by his loss, but will continue to move forward. When asked by TV Insider if there was anything fans haven't seen from Gable's personality, he replied, "Absolutely. I think there is a lot of sides to me that I think people haven’t seen yet. There are different parts of my personality and character that I put out in NXT, which people who watched that show back in 2015, 2016 got a taste of that. There is a lot of parts that I think people are going to see and identify with. Parts of my personality where they will go, ‘I feel that way too. I understand him. I get it.' I think we are going to see that coming up in the next couple of months."

Gable will have to sit idly by on Tuesday's SmackDown as he watches Baron Corbin's 2019 King of the Ring coronation.

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