The Challenge: Double Agents Recap (Episode 3) - Lio Rush Provides A Meme

It was another episode where Lio Rush didn't factor into much. 

Last week, we learned Lio and his partner Gabby might not be on the same side when it comes to the political game, but at least they are on the same side when it comes to the physical game. 

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This week, we finally get to see Lio in some action during the daily challenge, which consisted of a wrestling match on a moving semi-truck and slippery platform where the goal was to toss your opponent off the roof and onto the netting on the side. 

Lio went up against Darrell, a man who has plenty of size on him and is known for being one of the best physical players in Challenge history. Not so surprisingly, Lio held his own and forced a tie. 

His partner Gabby lost to Darrell's partner Amber B, effectively ending any chance they had at winning the daily competition. 

Otherwise, Lio was absent from this episode minus being in some background and reaction shots. 

Everything Else

- Fessy revealing that the winning duo can see the secret vote was a bad move. It nearly backfired if Wes had the numbers on his side or if Kaycee wasn't part of the winning team this week and in the Big Brother alliance. Regardless, it exposed a secret and he didn't even clue in his own alliance first.

- Wrestling fans, meet Josh.

- Devin and Tori is a fake rivalry. Don't @ me.

- LeRoy has always been tied to Bananas, who has never been tied to Wes. A hail mary by Wes, though I do believe he put his heart into the speech and felt blindsided. Still, he's usually a smarter player and can see these things coming. He probably thought Leroy was an idiot for not facing Devin himself to get his gold skull.

- He's would not have have been wrong. Leroy should have faced Devin. Running out of opportunities and perceived easy targets the longer you wait.

- Two arm injuries during the challenge. Vince would be appalled at how fragile some of these competitors are.

- Kyle rules. No choice but to Stan now. 

Where Lio Stands

Not much has changed on his status. Leroy and Kam still feel like they're running the house, although the Big Brother alliance has strong numbers as well. I still believe Lio is tied to that alliance, even if he's low on the pole. 

Unfortunately, not a lot of new information regarding Lio's standing was revealed this week. His partner is at least very tied to the rookie girls. Some of them have strong allies, others not so much. Even if they're playing different games, as long as they are together, there is some protection there. 

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