Chelsea Green Reflects On How Cody And Brandi Rhodes Set Her Up With Matt Cardona

Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona have Cody and Brandi Rhodes to thank for their relationship.

Cody Rhodes and Matt Cardona, formerly Zack Ryder, are the best of friends outside the squared circle. Cody once singled out Cardona as somebody he would have liked to bring into AEW and when Cardona was released from WWE last year, he got his opportunity. Cardona would team with Cody and later appear at All Out as part of a four-man team formed in Cody's defense against The Dark Order.

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However, outside the ring, Cody also helped set Matt Cardona up with the woman that he is now engaged to marry, Chelsea Green.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Chelsea explains how Cody and Brandi were responsible for Cardona and Green’s engagement.

Chris Van Vliet sent the following quotes.

“Cody and Brandi set us up. Who knows what Cody did but Brandi definitely planted all of the seeds. I will never forget when they came to IMPACT and every day for 3 days in a row, Brandi said something about Zack Ryder. At the end of the tapings I was like, what’s going on? I remember I was already following Matt on Twitter, so I went and unfollowed him. Then when he looked, I wasn’t following him and didn’t look like a fangirl. I did not want to date a wrestler. I told all the girls that I would never date a wrestler. First wrestler I date, we fell madly in love. I was pretty standoffish after our first date, because I didn’t want to date a wrestler. But he was pretty persistent, he did message me every day until our second date. After our second date, I’m like I love him, this is it. We had our first date at a sushi restaurant and I had to go to Canada for a month, because I had stunt work.”

Chelsea was released by WWE exactly one year after her fiance, April 15, 2021. Speaking with Van Vliet, Chelsea compliments how supportive Matt has been throughout this transition period for her.

“He has been so, so great. First of all, he warned me that this was coming. Not necessarily to me, that I was going to get fired. But he did call me and give me a 10-minute gap between the time he told me people are letting go and me getting let go. He gave me that warning then I texted him and said ‘OK, I’ve been released.’ I’m not joking he was home within 30 minutes. My Pro-Wrestling Tees store was up, he’s all go go go! Even harder than I was. I think that’s kind of the same way I felt when he was released. I was like what do we need to do? It’s nice to have someone on the other side of things keeping my head clear. But he’s so positive it’s been really nice. I’m able to bounce my ideas off of him.”

Initially, the couple was supposed to be married last year until the emergence of the global pandemic. Now, Chelsea Green says with her release from WWE, she will need a green card to stay in the United States and has already talked to the former WWE United States Champion about the need to settle on a wedding date sooner.

“When I was released, a lot of people were like ‘Hey you’re ok, you’re a good hustler.’ But I’m like, yeah but I’m Canadian. I have to get a Visa and a Green Card. I have to figure out a way to live here. [Chris mentions getting a Green Card via marriage]. Oh, trust me, I’ve already talked to Matt [Cardona]. I was released on Thursday night, and on Friday morning, Matt is on his way to Wisconsin. I texted him saying ‘We need to get married so you need to think about when that’s happening.'”

Chelsea also recently spoke to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp. Check out that full interview here.

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