Chris Jericho Recalls Vince McMahon Saying The Mexicools Could Be World Champions In WWE

Chris Jericho and Juventud Guerrera reflect on Vince McMahon one saying that he could see The Mexicools becoming world champions.

In 2006, Rey Mysterio would become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion after several years of being the premier WWE Cruiserweight Superstar. Several months before that moment in April of 2006, Juventud Guerrera, Psychosis, and Super Crazy debuted in WWE as The Mexicools. A group playing off of Antiquated stereotypes from an era gone by, these former WCW cruiserweights had finally found their way into WWE and at one point, Vince McMahon suggested backstage that they could all become World Champion.

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Speaking with Chris Jericho on the Talk is Jericho podcast, Juvi recalls being given the nod of approval by Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and Chris Jericho for their ability in the ring.

"The first week, we got the name, and we go into TV in California for a little tour. That was the first time they gave me the mic and I cut a promo. We got a huge reaction. Like a week later, Vince had a meeting with all the superstars and I think he was about to release people and he's like, 'When you go home, you're going to remember the face of this guy. I want to see that face in you. I want to see the Mexican guys, how do they play in the ring.' We were like, 'Holy shit, he's really saying that in front of everyone?' Eddie, Benoit, and you came along with us and were like 'thumbs up.'"

Chris Jericho then reflected on a backstage interaction with Vince McMahon where he once talked about the three Mexican Superstars potentially becoming world champion and sharing the title as an example of anybody being able to grab the brass ring.

"That wasn't a coincidence. He also said something too that you might have forgotten. He was talking about, 'grab the brass ring, make things happen. Anybody can be a world champion. I can see, someday, the Mexicools, being the world champion in WWE. Three of them, they're sharing the world championship. This is what can happen to you in WWE.' I remember thinking, 'The Mexicools and I are going to be world champion. Juvi is going to love that.' He did say that though."

Ultimately, The Mexicools were not a pairing for long in WWE and were eventually split with all three going their separate ways. Never reaching too high of a level of success in WWE. Although, Juventud Guerrera did win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in 2005.

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