Christian Says He Almost Turned On Edge In Ladder Match

Christian says they had three finishes planned for a ladder match against The Hardys.

In 2000, Edge and Christian lost a tag-team championship ladder match on Raw to Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy. In an interview on The Steve Austin show, Christian told the host about the plans for that ladder match. In some ways, the match was the beginning of the end for Edge and Christian as a tag-team.

"With the first ladder match we did against the Hardys, we were told we have three finishes. One was us winning, one was them winning, and one was me kind of turning on Edge and costing us the match. The Hardys won and there were some rumblings of that early on us even splitting up and doing something," said Christian.

At that point of his career Christian was nervous about becoming a singles competitor. Christian recalled a conversation he had with Steve Austin about the rumors of the tag team dissolving. Austin told Christian to stop the split if he could. Edge and Christian would continue to team regularly until 2001.

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