CM Punk doesn't always watch NXT, but when he does he's impressed by the promo skills of Pat McAfee.

CM Punk’s time in WWE was highlighted by his microphone ability. His “pipebomb” en-route to his Money in the Bank 2011 match against John Cena is still widely considered to be one of the best wrestling promos in modern history.

Punk rarely uses his platform to comment on present-day goings-on in the world of professional wrestling, but he recently took to Twitter to praise the promo ability of Pat McAfee on NXT, saying that contracted wrestlers should be embarrassed by how good McAfee is and use that feeling of embarrassment to fuel their desire to improve.

CM Punk would also compliment Rhea Ripley by saying that Pat McAfee doesn't need to commit himself to wrestling because he is already the best thing on NXT outside of the former NXT Women's Champion.

CM Punk briefly commented on the world of WWE during his time as a special correspondent on WWE Backstage on FS1. The series was canceled earlier this year following cutbacks due to the global coronavirus outbreak.

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