CM Punk Recalls The Build To His Final WrestleMania Match With The Undertaker in 2013

The end of CM Punk's run in WWE was filled with much displeasure for the Second City Saint.

At CM Punk’s Starrcast appearance, he addressed rumors about his displeasure with his program with The Undertaker going into WrestleMania 29 in 2013.

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Punk would clarify that he had no issue wrestling the undertaker at WrestleMania, rather he was upset with how he and the match itself was presented, "I just thought it was a really weird like, oh, we're having this Fatal 4-Way to see who wrestles The Undertaker at [WrestleMania.] I just felt like a disconnect. I was like, 'it's kind of weird, but whenever I'm winning, okay,'" said Punk. "Then, I remember being in Indianapolis the next week and I was wrestling Kane and Michael Hayes comes up to me and he's like, 'alright, Kane, [Chokeslam], one, two, three.' And, I just went, 'ha! I was like, okay, that's what we're doing? I'm wrestling The Undertaker in four weeks and what are you guys going gonna beat me every week?'"

He would go on to say that what he felt saved the angle was his final segment with the Undertaker on an episode of Raw, where CM Punk would close the show by pouring what was symbolically Paul Bearer's ashes on himself. Punk would also reveal what was actually used inside of the urn to simulate ashes, "Luckily enough, I did that wacky shit where I dumped fuckin' cat litter all over myself that was supposed to be Paul Bearer ashes. And I think that kind of ramped it up. Yes, it was cat litter. Yeah, and it wasn't used."

That match would wind up being very historic as it was CM Punk's last WrestleMania match and it was also the Undertaker's final victory in his 21-0 WrestleMania streak.

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