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Here is your fight size update for Wednesday, September 1, 2021:

- CM Punk teased last week that Daniel Bryan could be on his way to AEW. Now, in an interview with The New York Post, CM Punk says he wants to wrestle him one day soon.

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“That’s somebody that I look at and I go, man wrestling him was always fun,” Punk said. “It was never a headache and God I would like to do that again. I would like to do that again soon. It’s a big deal.

“The guy was in the WrestleMania main event. He’s freshly removed from television. He’s a big deal. He’s a very, very big deal and I think that signals to pro wrestling fans that this is the place to be. This is what I want to watch.”

- John Cena was always touted as the most polarizing WWE superstar in history. Now, he is taking that “fans dictate whether I'm a good or a bad guy” philosophy into his Hollywood career, as he tells Comic Book.

"Well, I always want audiences to enjoy what we're doing and a lot of times to transcend any language or cultural barrier, you have to treat it like as a silent movie," Cena said. "A lot of the comedies that travel well are comedies that do have moments of great physical humor. I think one of the greatest action comedic storytellers of our generation, Jackie Chan, has been able to take martial arts sequences and add humor to them to reach audiences around the world, and has become an icon with doing a lot and saying very little. That's kind of his, being able to learn from him in that scenario of this is how you send your message.

“I said in the press conference, one of the ways that WWE is absorbed through audiences around the world because you don't have to know what I'm saying. You watch what I'm doing, and then you decide whether you like it or not," Cena said. "Whether I'm good or evil, and we go from there. I just like aspects of physical comedy, one, because I think it's within my skillset, and two, because I think it helps reach more people and when more people can see the movie, you make more people laugh. You make more people laugh. That's a great day in the office."

- Speaking with Wrestling Inc, Juventud Guerrera expressed confidence that he would end up back in AEW again one day.

“I think they were really happy with my performance. I had a good relationship with everybody there. I think this was just the first step, the beginning. I see a lot of guys there working for a while, for a year or so, before they get signed. That’s the story of many of the wrestlers there. Lets see what happens. I’m back in the gym, I’m healthy and focused. I feel pretty good to be doing something with the young talents, especially with Andrade and Lucha Brothers and now Chavo also there. AEW has been doing a great job of blending youth with experience. I think it’s the perfect combination. For years, other companies didn’t do it. They didn’t even trust guys who are over 35 or 40, until a few years ago. Finally, you see now in WWE – a guy like Bobby Lashley who is 45 and looks great. A lot of us [older guys] can still go. Even Rey Mysterio, who is my age, is still doing great.”

- Bleacher Report touts having AEW All Out as a digital exclusive:

AEW’s Biggest Stars Land on Bleacher Report in Digital Exclusive AEW ALL OUT Pay-Per-View Event

-- CM Punk Makes Anticipated Return to the Ring Joining Headliners Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Sting, Dr. Britt Baker, Darby Allin Live from NOW Arena in Chicago --

-- ALL OUT will be Available Exclusively on the B/R App, Bleacher Report Website and Connected Devices – Sunday, Sept. 5, at 8 p.m. ET for $49.99 --

Sept. 1, 2021 -- AEW will mark the unofficial end to summer with one of the hottest pay-per-view events of the year – ALL OUT – on Sunday, Sept. 5, at 8 p.m. ET live from the NOW Arena in Chicago. ALL OUT will be available in the U.S. with exclusive digital distribution on Bleacher Report via the Bleacher Report app, and connected devices for $49.99. Fans can pre-order the event here.

The action-packed event will mark the much-anticipated return of wrestling legend CM Punk, who will face-off in the ring for the first time in seven years against Darby Allin. Other headline match-ups include AEW World Champion Kenny Omega defending his title against Christian Cage, AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks putting the titles on the line against the Lucha Bros in a steel cage match, AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D defending against top-ranked challenger Kris Statlander, TNT Champion Miro defending against Eddie Kingston, Chris Jericho vs. MJF in “The Final Fight” where if Jericho loses he will retire, Jon Moxley vs. Japan’s legendary Satoshi Kojima, Paul Wight vs. QT Marshall, and the Women’s Casino Battle Royale with the winner getting the next shot at the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Viewers can catch ALL OUT on the B/R app (Android and iOS), Bleacher Report website or via Bleacher Report on connected devices including Roku, FireTV and Xbox. FireTV will be available to accept pre-orders this Friday. For fans watching on the B/R app, they can utilize the platform’s functionality to comment on the greatest moments from the matches in real-time with other B/R app users. Bleacher Report will also cover and amplify all the AEW ALL OUT action across its #1 most engaged social channels.

- Former WCW Nitro Girl Chae launches utility-patented "ring along" system:

Former WCW Nitro Girl Chae Launches Utility-Patented "Ring Along" System

Multi-purpose & versatile storage options for bags, Ring Along strikes with a Kickstarter campaign beginning on August 10

Dallas, Texas (Sept 1) – One of the founding members of the popular WCW Nitro Girls, Chae today announced she is launching a new product to solve the lack of multi-purpose and versatile storage options for bags.

Chae designed, developed and created the innovative “Ring Along” system, which already carries a utility patent.

Ring Along Kickstarter campaign is currently live until September 25.

One of the biggest issues in the industry is that most bags only cater to functionality or fashion. The Ring Along system delivers both, functionality and fashion

Another issue is that most bags offer limited storage space and don’t offer flexibility as needed. The lack of multiple storage cabinets and limited fashion opportunities created a gap in the market … Ring Along fills that gap.

As one of the traditional organizer options, individual storage pouches offer flexible and secure containment. However, the pouches offer limited options for efficient transport, ac cessibility, and pouch organization. Bag insert organizers are fixed in sizes requiring multi ple inserts for multiple tote bags. And with its open pockets, items are only secure if the tote and insert are upright. Multi-compartment bags, such as backpacks, messenger bags, and diaper bags, offer various storage options, but are limited in fashion choices. Both in serts and multi-compartment bags have restrictive storage and limited containments, therefore cannot be customized for users’ unique needs and items.

With Ring Along, users can finally enjoy maximum capacity and versatility. Ring Along pouches, in various sizes and materials, allow users to easily personalize the organizational framework for their unique requirements.

Small spring-hinged rings at the corners of all pouches are kept together by the larger spring-hinged host ring. Any pouch can be removed from the host ring with a quick push on the corner ring, then returned to the host ring after use with a simple click. Users can either carry all pouches together by the host ring or transfer/interchange certain selections to host rings of other daily bags, such as gym or pool bags. Spring-hinged host ring also allows users to clip or hang Ring Along pouches on any fixture.

The second small spring-hinged rings on the Ring Along pouches allow users to transform any Ring Along pouches into the shoulder, crossbody, waist/fanny and wrist bags on the go. Therefore, these are ideal for carrying only what you need by eliminating the need of carrying a whole bag and content.

Users can finally bid farewell to traditional and mundane bag designs and can now customize their pouches, storage compartments, and fashion options with the Ring Along System.

“My homemade Ring Along pouches helped me so much, especially with my kids’ from infancy to now with school and sports ,” said Chae, who was a dancing fixture on WCW Monday Nitro in the late-1990s. “I’ve always wanted to share the idea, but the fear of fail ure kept me for years from taking the first step for many years.”

Chae is a first-generation Korean American who came to the U.S. at age 11. “When I reminded myself of the courage and grit it must have taken my parents to bring their three children to the U.S. without knowing to how speak English and very limited money … that really helped push me forward with the Ring Along System.”

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- Here is a health update on Brian Knobbs from his official GoFundMe:

Our good friend Brian Knobs continues to be overwhelmed with the amount of love and support he has received from all of us. I have been waiting and hoping for Brian’s health to improve before sending out this update, but unfortunately, his struggle for recovery continues.

He has received over 10 blood transfusions, and complications from his iron deficiency have prevented the doctors from conducting the exams and testing on his vital organs to determine the underlying cause of his illness.

Brian is very concerned about his future, and doing his best to keep a positive outlook. He’s been advised to keep his stress levels low, so the emotional and financial help he’s been receiving from us through the GoFundMe page has been a huge blessing in that regard as we are close to reaching the donation goal.

Despite the medical complications, the fighter spirit in Brian will never allow him to lose hope. Please pray for Brian’s health and strength to return in a full recovery.

- Remember Ric Flair's NWA 73 promo? It's back, in montage form:

- Speaking with Cageside Seats' Shakiel Mahjouri, Maria Kanellis-Bennett opened up about misconceptions that WWE paid for her schooling:

“WWE did not pay for all of my schooling,” she says. “They paid $2,000. I still have $70,000 in student loans. So all of these rumors and lies that people want to spin, be careful because the truth is much different. They gave me a scholarship and I appreciate the scholarship, but it was for $2,000. That doesn’t cover going to Johnson & Wales University. It just doesn’t. If you look it up, you can find the facts of how much it was that they gave me.

“So I answered the question. It’s up to the fans to actually listen and do the research. It’s a simple Google search. If you want to see these things and actually reason them out, the information is out there. And I’m sorry that this world has gotten so full of misinformation. But again, most of these things, the facts matter. And so look them up,” she concludes. “But I feel like it’s important for people to understand that there are facts behind it.”

- Speaking with Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes, Angelina Love shared her candid thoughts regarding the ROH Women's Division in 2021:

"Um, well, it's, it's awesome, because like Ring of Honor is different from like your TNA. WWE know, to me, like the fan base is different, they've always just had a different style, which I think is great, because you can't have the same everything in wrestling. So it's good, you know, we were doing good stuff with the girls, but then like 2020 happened, right? So that kind of screwed everybody, you know, but we didn't have like a huge roster. So I feel like the way that we've been going about it by you know, just the way that we've kind of had to block off our taping so far with restrictions and all that kind of stuff. The only way to build the division, because so many people are already signed to the only way to build a division is just bring in people for tryouts, you know, and just see how they go. Um, and that's essentially what we did and how we got like this women's tournament going, which is what you know, is airing right now. So I was asked, like, you know, “do you feel like we're going about this the right way?” And I said, “Absolutely, I feel like this is the only way to be honest. We can't just like hire people without seeing them first or you know, seeing them in the ring or seeing how they are just professionally and etiquette and stuff like that”. So I feel like we've gone about that the right way. And so far, so good, I'd say"

- Today, WWE stock was trading at $52.39 per share when the market closed.

- RUSH's wife commented on his injury via his Twitter.

“This short message is to thank you all for showing affection and good wishes to my husband, Rush, after his operation. Next Thursday, in the press conference that we are going to offer, we will give you more details about his state of health and we will reveal some news.”

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