Cody Recalls The Altercation He Had With Another Man The Night Before ALL IN Because Of Pharaoh

Cody and Brandi tell an interesting story that could've slightly altered ALL IN.

It is coming up on five months since the 'Sears Centre' in Hoffman Estates, Illionis was filled with 10,000 rabid wrestling fans awaiting to see The Elite present ALL IN. In the eyes of those who viewed and reviewed the show, it was a success and now The Elite are in many of headlines and conversations about potentially kick-starting their 'All Elite Wrestling' promotion

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At 'ALL IN', Cody defeated Nick Aldis to become NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion but the night before at the hotel that the 'ALL IN' talents were staying at, there was an altercation between Cody and another individual in the lobby. Cody and Brandi sat down with Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes and Brandi started off the story by explaining that she asked Cody to perform the simple task of walking their dog "Pharaoh" and things went left from there.

Brandi: “The night before, little bit of a hang up”. Brandi said.

Cody: “I almost got arrested.” Cody laughed.

Brandi: “Here’s what happens… so what happens is, we get back from a long day of meet and greets and everything’s going on and it’s wonderful but damn it I’m tired, and I know I gotta get up at like seven o’clock in the morning and start the whole thing again and get all the girls organized and so, I’m ready to go to bed. I make the stupid decision, because I’m the boss with Pharaoh. He listens to everything I do. I take him out, I feed him, I do the dog stuff" Brandi continued, "I’m the pack leader, but I thought, just for one night, he [Cody] can take the dog to sh*t without needing me, and I can get a bath and go to bed, and I say, ‘You got him right? Here are the poop bags and… you got him right?’ ‘Yeah’. So I go upstairs and I take a shower and put my pajamas on and I look at my phone and C.D. [Christopher Daniels] has been texting me, which is weird. C.D. doesn't text me much. So the last thing he says was, ‘Hey I need you to come downstairs’ and I said, ‘Uhh, in my pajamas. Do you really need me to come downstairs?’ and he goes, ‘Yeah, yeah. We just have a little situation. We just need you to come downstairs’, and I thought ‘Oh Jesus’. So here I come downstairs in my pajamas the night before ALL IN to see two police cars out front, my dog sitting in the lobby, and my husband in the corner talking to two police officers and some really roughed up looking older gentleman, and I thought, ‘What the f*ck?’ I gave him one thing. You had one job.” 

Cody went on to explain his side of the story and added that he wanted to let Pharaoh off the leash and set him free which led to the man telling Cody that the dog needed to be on a leash. Cody said after more words were exchanged, he shoved the man and although no charges were pressed, Cody did receive a verbal lashing from his wife and Matt Jackson's wife.

“Ok so, I was pretty stressed out." Cody said. "Well, there’s a long day; Conrad [Thompson] had me do like a thousand things because Rey Mysterio who I love dearly is always late, always. So I just wanted to take him out and I believe that your dog should be free. I think he should be free. So he’s a service dog, alright? He’s an emotional assistance animal and I walk out, there’s no one in the lobby -- like no one out in front of the lobby. It's just a grass patch. There’s no major roadway by -- take his leash off, let him go. Doesn’t go far… man walks up to me. He goes, ‘You should really have your dog on a f*cking leash’. F-bombs right out of the gate bro." Cody jokingly says. "F-bombs right? So, I didn’t say anything -- I go, ‘He’s fine, he’s fine, he’s trained’. He goes, ‘No, that doesn’t matter. You should have him on a f*cking leash’ and he kinda chest bumps me so I just rear back and I know I can’t punch him because that’s like… that you get in trouble for today. So, I just shoved him -- like as hard as I've ever shoved anyone in my life and he went flying, and he fell into the bush, and Pharaoh now, Pharaoh sprints away and then I see Scorpio Sky walking up like, ‘Hey I got your dog man. I got your dog. He’s here.’ Pharaoh’s just the friendliest dog ever like Sky’s his new best friend walking around. The guy [officer] runs in the lobby, I said, ‘I just pushed that guy, he fell.’ He goes, ‘Well, don’t go anywhere.’ I go, ‘What do you mean?’ He goes, ‘You run away, it’s gonna be a problem. You need to go in there, apologize, handle it, and that is…’ I was in the lobby, signing Funko Pop’s for the fans while doing an interview with the police with the police officer -- the Schaumburg police. That gentlemen did not press charges." Cody shared. "We would’ve had a different… I still would’ve made it, but it would’ve been a very different ALL IN… and I also got reamed not just by my wife, Matt Jackson’s wife let me have it. Mrs. Massie, Mrs. Matt was not about to have all our money and this show screwed up because I shoved a man into a bunch of bushes over a dog.”



While on the topic of 'ALL IN', Cody's brother Dustin Runnels revealed during a recent interview that he was offered to come to the show but had to turn the offer down because of WWE.

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