Cody Rhodes Admits He Wasn't Successful In "Taking Chair Shots Back" With Unprotected Shot

Cody talks unprotected chair shot at AEW Fyter Fest.

The wrestling world was stunned at AEW Fyter Fest when Shawn Spears delivered an unprotected chair shot to the head of Cody Rhodes. The chair shot resulted in Cody needing 12 staples in the back of his head as the lip of the chair clipped him. Tony Khan called the chair shot "regrettable" and said there was a "pilot error," which is why Cody needed 12 staples.

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Speaking to Collider Live, Cody & Brandi Rhodes weighed in on the chair shot.

"One of the best things about the company; everybody is very trusting of each other. We trust each other's judgments. It's not super micromanaged of 'every moment, I need to know what's happening.' The shocking moment to me, of the whole thing, I looked at him and there's blood everywhere. That, I did not know. So I'm confused and very upset," stated Brandi.

Cody explained in detail what went wrong despite AEW taking the right precautions in trying to protect him and why he decided to take the chair shot in the first place.

"The lip of the chair got me," recalled Cody. "Tony went out and put out a statement. We went to great pains to 'take back chair shots' by soldering and ironing out a proper way to do it. And the lip...we just didn't get all of it. I was totally okay in doing it and here's why. Captain America is hitting people in the head with his shield and no one is screaming 'concussion' or 'CTE.' If you're gonna hold us to a certain standard, if we're talking to you as an entertainment brand, then you can't hold us to an older standard. I wanted to take chair shots back for wrestling. However, I don't think it was a success. Maybe that was the last head shot in AEW with a chair."

Because of fan reaction and the 12 staples in the back of my head," answered Cody when asked why there would be no more chair shots to the head. "Thankfully, I didn't have a concussion. There's something to shock and (be) polarizing but the best thing you can be as a wrestler and a wrestling company is to listen to [the fans]. If the wrestling world doesn't want to see chair shots to the head, fair enough."

In a statement released on social media, Cody called for fans to give him feedback on everything going on in AEW. You can view the full statement by clicking here.

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