Cody comments on the Stardust gimmick that he had late in his WWE career.

Responding to a comment on Twitter over the Stardust character, Cody admitted that he saw himself as a subpar performer during that time, but said WWE not pushing Stardust wasn't a crime. Instead, he said WWE not capitalizing him from 2010-2012, when he portrayed the "Dashing" Cody Rhodes character and held the Intercontinental title, was the crime.

As Stardust, he was able to capture the WWE Tag Team titles alongside Goldust and the two had a rivalry that saw them face off against each other at the 2015 edition of Fastlane.

Since leaving WWE, Cody was able to wrestle for a number of notable companies all over the world, winning the ROH World Championship and the IWGP United States Championship when he wrestled for NJPW.

Now, Cody serves as an Executive Vice President for All Elite Wrestling, where he also wrestles. Cody will be in action on the March 25 edition of Dynamite when he takes on Jimmy Havoc.

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