Colt Cabana Recorded Himself Throughout Trial; Releases As Podcast

Colt Cabana learned a lot while in court during his trial.

While going through the proceedings, the Judge prohibited Colt Cabana from podcasting about the process while the case was still open. Cabana still recorded himself after each day of the trial without knowing where it was headed. He released those recording as part of his most recent episode of the Art of Wrestling.

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A theme throughout the trial for Cabana seemed to be the stark differences between his world as a professional wrestler and the world of court rooms and lawyers. He said during jury selection there were people dismissed for being bias towards doctors or wrestlers and there was one CM Punk fan who was dismissed. He also noted how the lawyers were competitive towards each other and how it seemed like a game from the beginning. Cabana was surprised more people did not listen to podcasts and he viewed the jury as a group of random people representing the public.

Cabana said Dr. Chris Amann's lawyer threw in a jab about his merchandise website.

The stress physically affected Cabana as he had headaches and felt "sweaty" and "gross" after his days in court. When he had his charge of defamation dismissed before the trial began he felt some relief. 

According to Cabana, a big moment in the trial was when Amann told the jury he could not talk about CM Punk's health with Cabana for legal reasons but was later shown text messages where he had shared CM Punk's condition with other wrestlers. Cabana compared the excitement of his and CM Punk's legal teams to when he does something good in the professional wrestling ring.

Throughout the trial, Cabana was encouraged by making the jury laugh and his lawyer reassuring him that Amann could not prove any real damages.

At the end of the podcast, Cabana interviewed his lawyer who said the Jury was never going to consider ruling against Cabana and that some of them thought it was ridiculous that Cabana was involved at all. Cabana's lawyer said the disparity between the length of the trial and the length of the jury deliberation was remarkable. The jury only took two hours to reach a verdict.

The full podcast is available on many platforms including Soundcloud.

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