Court Bauer Says MLW Finds and Develops Talent ‘Better Than Anyone’

Finding and developing talent is one of the most important things in the world of professional wrestling.

MLW Founder Court Bauer recently appeared on Sirius XM's Busted Open Radio and touted the company's scouting and development.

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"The thing we do better than anyone is find talent and develop them," Bauer praised. "There is a reason why we have the talent the billionaires want, but slept on and now they're watching and want it. Guys like [Jacob] Fatu, [Alex] Hammerstone, Alex Kane. We take guys, we see it, we identify the talent there and we shape it, mold it, work with them. Our production team is a lot of former WWE guys who can talk them and walk them through, 'this is how you do a pre-tape,' but they don't give them a script. They want them to find their instincts. We don't work with scripts. It's, 'here's where we're going, let's work on this together,' and we get them comfortable with it and work together, work on their presentation and branding. Think of ECW and Paul [Heyman] branding Taz and helping with that, black and orange. Look at Shane Douglas, gold and black, and packaged them. That's one of our things, packaging talent, getting them up and running for TV, and making them into stars. We're in 20 countries in TV, a promotion from Europe just wanted a MLW title defense. Those are great things we do. What I want immediately? More eyes on the product. That takes a big TV deal and were constantly having meetings on those fronts. That's the biggest challenge as a fledgling promotion battling two billionaires; how do get more eyes on the product? We have a great product. I know it because the big dogs watch it and want our talent. We're certainly certified in that regard. What we need now more than ever is that transformative TV deal. We're on national TV, BeIN Sports, a great partner, we just need more. It takes timing, a little bit of good luck, and having a business that allows you to when that door opens, be ready for it."

One of the biggest examples of MLW's success in scouting and developing their own stars is current MLW World Champion Alex Hammerstone, who recently signed an extension with the company, which was first reported by Fightful Select.

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