D-Von Dudley Discusses Working With Vince McMahon And Triple H, Stresses Of Being WWE Producer

On January 19, D-Von Dudley announced that he was parting ways with WWE.

D-Von worked as a producer in WWE before transitioning to be a coach at NXT in June 2022.

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Appearing on a virtual signing with Signed By Superstars, D-Von made it clear off the bat, "Just know, I can't talk anything about WWE and what just happened. I can say a little bit, but I'm not going into detail."

However, he did discuss some of his time in WWE, largely what it was like to work under Vince McMahon and Triple.

Asked what it was like working under Triple H, D-Von said, "Great. I have a lot to be thankful for with Triple H. He was the reason why I became a producer backstage. He gave me my first big victory as Reverend D-Von. Hunter actually believed in me and the gimmick and loved it. He said to somebody, 'D-Von got the raw end of the stick with that,' at least in some people's eyes, but not mine. Hunter was always in my corner. I had a really good time working underneath him."

Triple H started to lead WWE creative in July 2022 after Vince McMahon announced his retirement.

Asked about the differences between Triple H and Vince, D-Von laughed, hesitated a bit, and eventually said, "I enjoyed my time with WWE. I have nothing bad to say. The job is stressful whether you are Vince or Triple H. You have a live television show with a bunch of guys who can be primadonnas at times and if they want to do something that they feel passionate about, they want to do it. You have to be the guy to tell them no because this is what the boss wants. In my opinion, working with both Vince and Hunter was great, I had a good time, I learned a lot, it made me the person I am today. I have nothing bad to say about either man. I know people have their personal opinions and what they feel about certain people who were their bosses. I have nothing negative to say."

D-Von began working as a producer in WWE after his wrapped up his in-ring career in 2016.

Asked about the hardest part of being a producer, D-Von said, "Hardest part of being a producer? Well, I guess when the boss tells you what he wants done and talent doesn't want to do it or see it his way, now you have to be the buffer. That was the hardest. Especially if you were in the ring with these guys, you wrestled them, now you put on a suit and tie, and you tell him what the boss wants. That was the hardest thing."

When asked if he'd like to work with AEW talent, he said, "I don't mind working with them as a producer, but not an in-ring talent."

D-Von said he loved NXT and aspiring wrestlers should try to get to NXT to learn from the likes of Matt Bloom and Shawn Michaels. "It was sad for me to leave, but we had to do what we had to do."

Being Royal Rumble week, and D-Von openly stating in the past that he wants to compete in the Royal Rumble, he was asked if he might be showing up on Saturday.

"I'll tell you where I'm not going to be, and that will be the Rumble. I'm not going to be at the Rumble. My back surgery, I had February 15 (2022). February 15 of this year will be a year, I'll be cleared and ready to go," he said before later stating that he is open to doing another match once he gets cleared.

D-Von continues to run his Team 3-D Academy wrestling school. His sons (Terrell Hughes & Terrence Hughes) have worked AEW tapings and are currently working with Billy Gunn.

Fans can view the current list of participants in the WWE Royal Rumble by clicking here.

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