Dan Lambert: Jim Cornette Is The Greatest Manager Of All Time

Dan Lambert calls Jim Cornette the greatest manager of all time.

Dan Lambert was previously featured in AEW as the face of American Top Team. He worked alongside Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page, and he heped bring Paige VanZant to AEW. During his run, he delivered a number of memorable, if not controversial, promos that turned him into one of the company's most hated villains. Lambert has been compared to Cornette, one of the most legendary managers in wrestling history. Cornette was the mouthpiece for top stars like Yokozuna, Owen Hart, Vader, and The Midnight Express, among others.

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Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Lambert praised Cornette and called him the greatest manager of all time.

“Jim Cornette is the greatest manager of all time. He just is. I think [better than Heyman] and I love Heyman, but I grew up with Cornette. A lot of it, who you remember as the greatest football player or basketball player is who you were the most exposed to when you were younger. Bobby Heenan towards the end of his run, I have been watching since the late 70’s, but it was towards the end of his run when he was in the AWA when I first started watching wrestling, so I didn’t have much exposure to him before he went to WWE. We didn’t get AWA until it was on ESPN for a short period. But Cornette was right in my wheelhouse. Man, he was just so good," Lambert said.

He continued by explaining that while some fans have compared the contents of his promos to Cornette's remarks on his podcast, he doesn't listen to podcasts, so any overlap is a coincidence. Lambert also stated that he appreciated these comparisons to Cornette.

"I know a lot of people have said that the things I have said in your promos are what Cornette has said on his podcast, but I don’t listen to podcasts. So, I’m like oh cool, if Cornette says it, then it must be right. I always took that as a complement, I thought the guy was so great back in the day," Lambert said.

In the same interview, Lambert shared his belief that his act in AEW was growing stale. He stated that he'd return if Tony Khan pitched the right story. More information is available here.

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