Two weeks ago, Taylor Swift released her surprise album 'folklore,' which is, in this writer's opinion, the greatest album of all-time.

Critics agree as the album currently has a score of 88 on 25 reviews on Metacritic. More important that critics, the greatest wrestler of all-time (again, just the opinion of this writer) Daniel Bryan agrees.

If you can't trust the opinion of a man who is trying to save the planet, who can you trust? No one, that's who.

If that's not enough for you, Fightful can EXCLUSIVELY REPORT that AEW main event star Ricky Starks also loved the album. He said, "she did a great job."

There you have it. AEW and WWE might be at "war" as two competing wrestling companies, but if anything can unite them, it's the greatness of Taylor Swift and 'folklore.'

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