Daniel Bryan Must Solve A Math Equation After Every Match If He Wants To Continue Wrestling

Daniel Bryan must do this after every match if he wants to continue wrestling.

The current WWE Champion Daniel Bryan is just two months away from being back in WWE for a full year as a full-time in-ring competitor. The news about Daniel Bryan's clearance to return to in-ring competition shocked the wrestling world and on the March 20th episode of SmackDown Live which was based around his clearance, Bryan broke out into tears in front of the live audience because of how emotional the past seven hours or so of his life had been.

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Fast forward to present day and Daniel Bryan is no longer worried about pleasing the fans and catering to what they want. He has ridded of the "yes" chant and explained to the masses that he is focused on saving the earth. Bryan wants to put in work in the ring and also put in work to save the environment and after all of his matches, he must do more work according to a recent interview that he did with ESPN. The article entailed that Bryan must solve a math equation after his matches and if that equation is not solved correctly, Bryan will not be cleared to wrestle.

(Here's the excerpt from the ESPN interview):

Daniel Bryan walks backstage after finishing a match, something he's done thousands of times over the course of his 19-year career. Instead of heading right to the locker room to shower and change before driving on to the next town, Bryan has to first take the number eight and multiply it by three, multiple that number by three and divide it all by four. If he can't come up with the correct answer, he's not wrestling.

This is the cost that Bryan has to pay if he wants to wrestle for the WWE.

It's just one of the tests a WWE doctor performs on Bryan after he's endured any physical activity in the ring. First, he gets his eyes checked. Next, he goes through a series of balance tests. And in the final step, as we've covered, the doctor asks Bryan to solve a math equation -- nothing too complicated, but something challenging enough to determine if his brain is functioning properly. The series of tests can be strenuous given that they occur night in and night out, but the WWE isn't taking any chances with a performer who has suffered 10 documented concussions.

This upcoming Sunday at WWE's Royal Rumble pay-per-view, Bryan is set to defend the WWE Championship against AJ Styles and this past Tuesday on SmackDown Live, Bryan had some choice words for AJ and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and to listen to what Bryan had to say, click here

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