Daniel Bryan continues to discover the technology of 2020.

On Friday, Bryan's wife Brie Bella participated in UFC 4 Virtual Fight card against her sister Nikki. Brie playing UFC 4 on Twitch fascinated young Daniel and now he is thinking of starting his own Twitch channel where fans can enjoy him playing video games, or doing whatever Daniel Bryan would do on Twitch. Gardening, probably.

Bryan was called out by Renee Young, who believes he is abandoning his loyalty to Tout. This made things even more confusing for him.

For the record, Twitch is not Tout.

If Bryan wants to learn more about Twitch, he can ask Xavier Woods, Cesaro, Adam Cole, or any of the dozens of wrestlers who are now on Twitch.

Twitch isn't Bryan's first big discovery in 2020 as he also recently realized the greatness of Taylor Swift.

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