David Arquette Recalls His Time Working With Vince Russo In WCW, Likes The New NWA

Former WCW Champion David Arquette was recently interviewed by the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling. You can see the full podcast at this link, and highlights courtesy of Chad & John below.

Vince Russo:

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“"He was really nice to me when I met him and I have nothing but respect for him. He does get a lot of the flack for what happened and people blame me for killing WCW. That was a battle that was going on hard and I still think that it is a shame that WCW the brand has been killed. Even if WWE just owned it and split it apart and used it as a foil for themselves because that was when it was always so fun and when both of them were going it was like a huge wrestling kind of moment where you have these two large organizations that are competing but now it is pretty interesting that there is all these little kind of up and coming (where they've always been there) with the invention of the internet and what Billy Corgan and Dave Lagana are doing at NWA is exciting I think there is going to be a lot more excitement and the fact that you can get everything on the internet is kind of bridging all these gaps and people are learning about different wrestlers and seeing matches online, I think it is pretty exciting and it is leading up to another rebirth of a really great time for wrestling."


The differences between Hollywood vs. Wrestling:

“I was super-surprised. I was totally sort of lost and again I didn't get that wasn't a lot of rehearsal, there wasn't a lot of preparation, there wasn’t a lot of walking through because those things kind of move fast anyway. You are moving from town to town and you are getting there and eating at the thing, you are eating something and going back to your hotel and than you maybe go over something a second but it just left a lot of things really unclear for me. I didn't know all of the stuff you could do, like I didn't know you could say I don't want to get punked like that or that you can beat me up but make it like I really got hurt or something or let me try a move. The only move I got them to let me do was jumping off the top rope in the triple cage match because I always loved Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka but they wouldn't even let me land on somebody or hit somebody. Nobody wanted me to hit them and nobody wanted where I could hurt them."


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