A Deep Dive Into Roman Reigns' Twitter Beef With An Aspiring CZW Wrestler

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So yesterday, Roman Reigns dragged some poor dude on Twitter.

And that Tweet is considered the full news story on other sites.

But here at Fightful, we aim to give you the FULL story behind one of the most popular wrestlers in the world (love him or hate him) beefing down needlessly on Twitter.

The story has some twists and turns and goes some interesting places.

Here we go.

It all started over the weekend with an Instagram post by the official WWE account.


#WWEJackson... It's time for your #MainEvent. #RomanReigns

A post shared by WWE (@wwe) on

Seems innocuous enough, right?

Well, you can't just write the name "Roman Reigns" on social media in this day and age without expecting to get some kind of backlash.

The link to the Instagram post showed up on the WWE Twitter feed, and right away someone had to say the thing.

You know. The thing.

Yeah. THAT thing.

So someone came in to defend Roman. Not just anyone, though. Someone who goes by Roman Reigns-Empire (@RREmpire_) on Twitter, so you know they're unbiased.

And that's where the star of this story shows up: Ian Porter--or as he's known on Twitter, @HeelDegenerate.

Then, the same person who said that Roman can't wrestle on June 10 dropped back in to defend Roman, because there is no consistency on Social Media, and to say that Ian Porter couldn't do any better.


So then Porter came back at her with this:


Okay, so Ian Porter has a point. He doesn't like the politics of WWE. That's cool. And some guys don't want to go to WWE, so I guess they would be "happier where they're at."

But where is Ian Porter at?

His avatar on Twitter is the CZW logo. CZW, if you don't know, stands for Combat Zone Wrestling, and it takes the old ECW style, turns it up to 11 and rips the knob off.

Yup. A barbed-wire trampoline.


Oddly enough, Roman Reigns's buddy and former Shield-mate Dean Ambrose spent some time in CZW before going to WWE developmental.

But it appears that Ian Porter himself isn't in CZW. He's an aspiring pro-wrestler, according to the pinned Tweet on his profile.

So it appears from his Twitter feed and his avatar that he's a big fan of the ultra-violence of certain indy promotions, but is not yet a professional wrestler.

Now, let's go back to his earlier Tweet, where he gave @AlexiaHarrison7 "a tip."

So I guess Roman himself was scrolling through his mentions and decided to beef down a little bit, and that's where we got the newsworthy Tweet.

Ian Porter came back at Roman (and all of the Roman fans in his mentions) with a series of Tweets, defending the CZW style.

Woof. Ouch.

Then, of course, he had to come out and challenge Reigns to a match.

Roman fans didn't take too kindly to that. 

Then he made the whole thing into a political statement.

This is an interesting point, except that before he decided to start training to become a wrestler, back on April 3rd, he didn't seem too opposed to going to WWE someday.

So there's that.

Because there is no such thing as consistency on Social Media.

And of course, because it's impossible to root for the underdog in wrestling, the writers had to go and make the underdog into kind of a dick:

And now I'm really sorry I spent so much time on this story.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, everyone.

UPDATE: In a further plot twist, it's as we all pretty much suspected, and Ian Porter has no relation to CZW at all.

But don't take my word for it, take it from DJ Hyde, the owner of CZW.

And that's the end of that story.

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