Diamante Azul Explains His Decision To Leave CMLL

Diamante Azul has been a staple of CMLL for over a decade and has been a two-time CMLL World Tag Team Champion.

He challenged for the CMLL World Heavyweight Title in April, but recently announced his departure from the company.

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Speaking on his blog (translation via Luis Pulido), Azul discussed his decision to leave the organization.

"My motive was that I was not feeling that emotion like the first time, I felt like the magic of Lucha Libre was lost. The matches were not working due to the monotony of them and facing the same rivals. A lot of decisions that happen within that do not correspond to me and my colleagues. Everything went on fueling and fueling and fueling until I said that I cannot take this anymore. It was either my career, what I love the most, or or leaving wrestling, and that was the point where I started saying that I did not want to wrestle anymore. One knows the stuff done, the holds, I was looking apathetic inside the ring and showing that to the people did not sit well with me. My career was at a point where I was not feeling where the same ship was sailing. I took advantage of those 13 years immensely, honestly, because every day and every match that I won, I had a lot of great experiences, but I also had a lot of bad ones, which is why I left. I was not feeling comfortable, the matches were not of my taste, I constantly faced the rivals, and I wanted to get a taste of something fresh, and I feel that I could do more," he said.

Azul continued by discussing the end of the CMLL and ROH partnership and how that influenced his decision.

"There was an alliance with ROH with New Japan, but I never went to those and I felt that, being the National Heavyweight Champion and with all the qualities that they want overseas, I was saying “why couldn’t I go there? Why can’t I go further?”. I know I can do it and I can make it anywhere. It was not the same, I wanted to wrestle against good opponents and some of the legends, but there is a lot of people outside that make me feel that I do not see where the company (CMLL) can go. I talked with Demus, one of the Mini wrestlers, and he said the same thing. He left and searched for a market and he has become very successful and he is wrestling against anyone he wishes, and this is what is happening with me. I want to wrestle against people that I know I can have a good feud. There is Rush, Andrade, Del Rio, LA Park, Blue Demon, there is a lot of people I can face in the Independent circuit that was not possible while being employed with the company," said Azul.

Azul isn't the only recent departure from CMLL as Bandido recently left the company as well. You can find Bandido's explanation for leaving by clicking here.

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