Disco Inferno: Impact Is Better Than WWE Right Now

Disco Inferno spoke recently on Impact's Press Pass Podcast about a variety of topics in the wrestling world. You can hear the full podcast, or read his transcript over at Wrestling Epicenter.

His non-wrestling segment being talked about more than most matches: 
"When I teach kids and do seminars, I always tell people the way I've always approached this business. When I go to these shows, the big thing is everyone wants to have the "best match". But, a lot of these guys aren't the best workers. So, to try and have the best match, they go out and they do things they're not really that good at and they're risking things. They're risking injury to go out and try to have the best match. My motto has always been, "Go out there and get the best reaction." You want your performance to be the best performance on the show... Even if you're getting beat up. You know, you sold really well. That is my thing. Be the best performer you can be and try to produce good television. That is how I have always thought about this." 

On Impact Wrestling in 2019 and going forward: 
"I think Impact is better than WWE right now. There are more entertainment segments on the show than there is in WWE. They've got that going for them. The only thing they don't have is the platform and the viewers. But, as far as content, there are a lot of guys on Impact right now that I like and that are more in line with my philosophical view of wrestling. You would be surprised how many guys in that locker room gravitate towards the old school view of professional wrestling versus the new school." 

On his Impact status: 
"I want everyone to know that I'm not a contracted employee of Impact. They come to Vegas, I live there. I'm willing to do their show. I think you will see a lot of me going forward. But, not on a weekly basis."  

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