Doctors Told Luchasaurus To Retire When He Was In WWE

AEW's Luchusaurus was recently interviewed by Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can see the full interview at this link, and submitted highlights below. 

The injury that ended his WWE run and almost ended his wrestling career: 
"Most of the time I was in (WWE) developmental, I was struggling with some pretty severe hip pain. You don't want to say anything because you would risk losing your spot because there is so much competition down there. So, towards the end, I had a falling out with the coaches and I was ready to leave anyway. I got it checked out. It turned out I had a torn hip labral but also I had torn my abdominal muscles on both sides. So, they had to reconstruct that area, shave down my femur, fix the whole socket. There was a lot of arthritis in there. After a year, there was still a lot of pain. I was still training. But, I wasn't wrestling. The doctors said, "You might want to consider retiring because you might have arthritis the rest of your life and you may have to have a hip replacement." At that point, I had the opportunity to do the reality show and get out of my (WWE) contract. I did that. After that was over, I started to go back and did my own research. After I finished all that, I went back and started to rehab my hip with my own research. I was able to fully fix my hip. The hip is totally medically cleared. There is no problem. Right now, I'm probably more healthy than I was in WWE Developmental 8 years ago which is crazy.

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