Drake Maverick Is Upset Feud With R-Truth Ended With No Explanation, Pitched Live Sex Celebration

R-Truth has been the most entertaining 24/7 Champion throughout the titles history and his most entertaining feud came with Drake Maverick. Truth and Maverick chased each other around the country, trying to secure the title, with Drake even pushing his wedding and marriage to the side in an effort to win/retain the belt.

Speaking to Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Maverick reflected on the feud.

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"One of the most fun runs I’ve had in the business. I was very upset that it ended with no explanation. I always thought that 24/7 Title worked when you had the Roadrunner and the Coyote, because as soon as the Coyote disappeared then it’s just Roadrunner running around and it’s not as entertaining. But we created that together. The one I pitched was the live consummation celebration which was supposed to be a spoof on the Edge and Lita one, which was very PG but you could imagine Drake Maverick stripping off for his wife, trying to take his pants off and falling over, then getting back up like it didn’t happened,’ he teased. That sort of stuff, and then when he finally gets in the bed and they’re getting closer together, closer together, closer together, R-Truth just peeps up. Then that’s when it’s fighting him in your underpants, he school boys you 1-2-3 and runs off," he said.

Maverick won the 24/7 Title six times during his run in the division.

R-Truth remains in the 24/7 Title picture, but just lost the title to Shelton Benjamin on Raw.

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