WWE 24/7 Championship: Title Changes, Matches, Champions

A running list for the WWE 24/7 Championship.

WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley revealed the WWE 24/7 Championship on the May 20th, 2019 edition of Monday Night RAW. The title can be defended anywhere, anytime and at any place as long as a referee is there to make the count. RAW, SmackDown Live, NXT, NXT U.K. and 205 Live talents can compete for the belt. Below is a running list of the champions and the dates and shows that the title changes took place on:

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Monday Night RAW -- 5/20/19
- The first-ever WWE 24/7 Champion was Titus O'Neil.

- Titus O'Neil was pinned by Robert Roode for the championship.

- R-Truth defeated Roode in a parking lot to become champion.

SmackDown Live -- 5/28/19
- Elias defeated R-Truth to become the new champion.

- R-Truth won the title back later on by defeating Elias.

Golf Course -- 6/2/19
- Jinder Mahal pinned R-Truth.

- R-Truth immediately won the title back by pinning Mahal.

SmackDown Live -- 6/4/19
- Elias pinned R-Truth in a 24/7 Lumberjack match.

- R-Truth won the title back by pinning Elias while under the ring.

Airport Tarmac -- 6/6/19
- Jinder Mahal pinned R-Truth before escaping on a plane.

On A Plane -- 6/6/19
- R-Truth pinned a sleeping Jinder Mahal.

SmackDown Live -- 6/18/19
- 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick pinned R-Truth in a parking lot.

Drake Maverick's Wedding -- 6/21/19
- R-Truth pinned Drake Maverick after Maverick had just gotten married.

Monday Night RAW -- 6/24/19
- Heath Slater pinned R-Truth with a neckbreaker.

- R-Truth quickly won the title back.

- Cedric Alexander captured the title with the "Lumbar Check".

- EC3 hit the "One Percenter" on Alexander to win the belt.

- Carmella stole the title, allowing R-Truth to roll-up EC3 to regain the title.

Monday Night RAW -- 7/1/19
- Drake Maverick pinned R-Truth before leaving to go on his honeymoon with his wife Renee Michelle.

Monday Night RAW -- 7/15/19
- R-Truth defeated Drake Maverick on a hotel bed while Maverick was preparing to "consummate the marriage" with his wife Renee Michelle.

WWE RAW Reunion -- 7/22/19
- Drake Maverick became WWE 24/7 Champion by rolling up R-Truth during a backstage segment.

- WWF Hall Of Famer Pat Patterson pinned Drake Maverick via an assist from The Boogeyman.

- Gerald Brisco defeated Pat Patterson backstage.

- Gerald Brisco ran into Kelly Kelly and Kelly kneed Gerald in the gut and became the first woman to win the 24/7 Championship.

- Candice Michelle pinned Kelly Kelly and Melina made the count.

- Candice was then choked out by Alundra Blayze and Blayze stated that she would not be champion for long.

- Ted DiBiase bought the WWE 24/7 Championship from Alundra Blayze.

- Drake Maverick regained the 24/7 Title inside a limo that Ted DiBiase was in.

- R-Truth rolled up Drake Maverick before Maverick could leave the arena with Renee Michelle. Truth took off in a limo with Renee Michelle and left Carmella behind.

Monday Night RAW -- 7/29/19
- Mike Kanellis wins 24/7 Title as he was the first person to cover R-Truth in a pile of superstars.

- Maria Kanellis who is pregnant, made Mike Kanellis lay down for the three count to become 24/7 Champion.

Monday Night RAW -- 8/5/19
- Mike Kanellis pinned Maria Kanellis at the OBGYN office.

- R-Truth and Carmella were waiting outside of the OBGYN office room and Truth rolled up Mike Kanellis to become an 11-time WWE 24/7 Champion.

Monday Night RAW -- 8/12/19
- The Revival pinned R-Truth with the Hart Attack to become co-champions.

- R-Truth pinned Scott Dawson after he was laid out with a Salida del Sol courtesy of Kalisto.

- As R-Truth was backstage, thinking he was free from danger, he was hit from behind with a guitar by Elias. Elias pinned him to win the title.

Fox Founders Day Event -- 8/24/19
- R-Truth snuck up behind Elias during a performance and pinned him.

- Fox Sports broadcaster Rob Stone pinned R-Truth after Truth slipped, fell, and bumped his head.

- Elias rolled up R-Truth to regain the title.

SmackDown Live -- 8/27/19
- Drake Maverick pinned Elias in the ring after Kevin Owens laid him out with a Stunner.

SmackDown Live -- 9/3/19
- Bo Dallas rolled up Drake Maverick backstage.

- Drake Maverick won the title back by rolling up Bo Dallas in the ring.

- R-Truth got his baby back by rolling up Drake Maverick at the top of the stage.

Main Event Taping -- 9/9/19
- Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter laid out R-Truth and pinning him.

- R-Truth immediately on the title back with a roll up.

Monday Night RAW -- 9/16/19
- Mayor Glenn Jacobs pinned R-Truth after Truth ran into the field goal post at Neyland Stadium.

- R-Truth regained the title, pinning Mayor Glenn after he exited his limo.

WWE Live Event In Manila -- 9/20/19
- EC3 pinned R-Truth to win the title.

- With the help of Chad Gable, R-Truth regained the title from EC3.

WWE Live Event In Shanghai -- 9/21/19
- EC3 pinned R-Truth to win the title.

- R-Truth would regain the championship.

WWE Live Event In Honolulu -- 9/22/19
- For the third straight night, EC3 pinnined R-Truth to win the title.

- And R-Truth won the title back with help from Chad Gable.

Monday Night RAW -- 9/23/19
- Carmella surprised Truth, rolling him up to win the title. Truth and Carmella remained friends.

Friday Night SmackDown -- 10/4/19
- Marshmello accidentally pinned Carmella trying to flee from Otis.

- As Marshmello tried to leave the Staples Center, he is distracted by R-Truth and Carmella pinned Marshmello from behind to win back the title

WWE Hell in a Cell -- 10/6/19
- Tamina pinned Carmella in the middle of a Street Profits promo to win the title.

- R-Truth pinned Tamina after Carmella superkicked her following a brief face-off between R-Truth and Funaki.

Monday Night RAW -- 10/21/19
- The Bollywood Boyz (Sunil Singh) rolled up R- Truth while Samir distracted him backstage.

WWE Crown Jewel -- 10/31/19
- R-Truth rolled up Sunil Singh after being eliminated from the 20-man battle royal.

-The Bollywood Boyz (Samir Singh) pinned Truth after Truth ran into a door.

Monday Night RAW -- 11/18/19
- R-Truth rolled up Samir Singh backstage after posing as medical personnel tending to Singh.

WWE Town Hall -- 11/19/19
- WWE employee Michael Giacco won the title, pinning R-Truth after Truth ran into a wall.

- As Giacco was doing crunches in order to secure a WWE wrestling contract, Truth pinned him to win back the title.

Monday Night RAW -- 12/2/19
- NASCAR star Kyle Busch rolled up R-Truth at ringside to win the title.

- R-Truth rolled up Busch to win back the title as Busch was in the middle of a photoshoot with the title.

Monday Night RAW -- 12/23/19
- Akira Tozawa rolled up R-Truth while he was walking around New York.

- Santa Claus pinned Akira Tozawa and then headed off to the North Pole.

- R-Truth regained the title, pinning a tired Santa.

WWE Live Event at Madison Square Garden -- 12/26/19
- Samir Singh pinned R-Truth in a handicap match.

- Sunil Singh pinned his brother to win the title.

WWE Live Event in Pittsburgh, Pensylvania -- 12/27/2019
- R-Truth regained the title by pinning Sunil

- Samir Singh pinned R-Truth to capture the title.

- Mike Rome pinned Samir to win the title.

- Sunil Singh pinned Mike Rome to regain the title.

- R-Truth pinned Sunil to regain the 24/7 title.

WWE Live Event in Baltimore, MD -- 12/28/2019
- The Singh Brothers pinned R-Truth in an official match.

- R-Truth immediately regained the championship.

WWE Live Event in Hershey, PA -- 12/29/2019
- The Singh Brothers pinned R-Truth in an official match.

- R-Truth immediately regained the championship.

New Year's Eve Special on FOX in Times Square, NY -- 12/31/2019
- Mojo Rawley did a roll-up pin on R-Truth as Truth spoke with Maria Menounos.

- After Mojo Rawley told Elias his performance was awful, Elias hit Rawley with a guitar and R-Truth pinned Rawley to regain the title.

Monday Night RAW -- 1/13/20
- As R-Truth was getting helped to the back after being attacked by Brock Lesnar, Mojo Rawley hit a big boot on Truth and pinned him to win the title.

Monday Night RAW -- 1/27/20
- R-Truth pinned Mojo Rawley after Rawley's match with No Way Jose to win the 24/7 Title

- Immediately after Truth won the belt, Rawley beat Truth to win back the title

Monday Night RAW -- 2/10/20
- Riddick Moss pinned Mojo Rawley to win the title after they both lost a tag team match to The Street Profits

Riddy Mo's Neighborhood -- 03/22/20

- R-Truth hopped out the trunk of a referee's car to pin Riddick Moss while he was out for a run.

WrestleMania 36

- Mojo Rawley pins R-Truth during WrestleMania Night one (4/4/20)

- Rob Gronkowski jumps off a platform onto Mojo Rawley on night two to win the title (4/5/20)

Monday Night RAW -- 6/1/20
- R-Truth poses as Rob Gronkowski's gardener and rolls him up to pin him and win the title.

Monday Night RAW -- 6/22/20
- Akira Tozawa pinned R-Truth after Bobby Lashley laid him out.

Monday Night RAW -- 6/29/20
- R-Truth pinned Akira Tozawa after faking a knee injury and rolling him up.

Monday Night RAW -- 7/20/20
- Shelton Benjamin pinned R-Truth with the help of MVP.

Monday Night Raw -- 8/3/20
- Akira Tozawa pinned R-Truth to win the title in a triple threat match that also involved Shelton Benjamin.

Monday Night Raw -- 8/10/20
- R-Truth, dressed as a ninja, pinned Akira Tozawa.

Monday Night Raw -- 8/17/20
- Shelton Benjamin pinned R-Truth.
- Cedric Alexander pinned Shelton Benjamin after Shelton was eliminated from a six-man elimination tag team match.
- Shelton Benjamin pinned Cedric Alexander after Cedric defended the belt against Akira Tozawa.

Monday Night Raw -- 8/24/20
- Akira Tozawa pinned R-Truth in a fatal four-way match that also featured Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander.

Monday Night Raw -- 8/31/20
- R-Truth pinned Akira Tozawa as he was trying to enter the arena.

WWE Clash of Champions -- 9/27/20
- Drew Gulak pinned R-Truth backstage.
- R-Truth pinned Gulak during a backstage interview segment.

Monday Night Raw -- 9/28/20
- Akira Tozawa rolled up R-Truth backstage to win the title.
- Drew Gulak hit Tozawa with a briefcase and pinned him.
- R-Truth pinned Gulak

Monday Night Raw -- 10/5/20
- Drew Gulak, dressed a janitor, pinned R-Truth.
- R-Truth pinned Gulak inside a dumpster.

Monday Night Raw -- 11/2/20
- Drew Gulak pinned R-Truth after both were attacked by Bobby Lashley

Monday Night Raw -- 11/9/20
- R-Truth pinned Drew Gulak after Gulak was laid out by The Hurt Business.
- Akira Tozawa pinned R-Truth in a seven-way bout, kicking off a string of title changes.
- Erik pinned Akira Tozawa
- Drew Gulak pinned Erik
- Tucker pinned Drew Gulak
- Drew Gulak pinned Tucker
- Tucker pinned Drew Gulak
- Gran Metalik pinned Tucker
- Lince Dorado pinned Gran Metalik
- R-Truth pinned Lince Dorado

WWE Survivor Series -- 11/22/20
- The Gobbledy Gooker pinned R-Truth, who was just trying to pay tribute to the legend on his 30th Anniversary.
- Akira Tozawa pinned Gobbledy Gooker backstage
- R-Truth pinned Tozawa

TikTok's New Year's Eve Party -- 12/31/20
- Angel Garza pinned R-Truth

WWE Raw -- 1/4/21
- R-Truth pinned Angel Garza, who was scared by the Boogeyman.

WWE Royal Rumble -- 1/31/21
- Alica Fox pinned R-Truth mid-Women's Royal Rumble.
- R-Truth immediately pinned Alicia after her elimination.
- Peter Rosenberg distracts and low blows R- Truth before rolling him up and pinning him to win the 24/7 title.

The Michael Kay Show -- 2/1/21
- R-Truth pinned Peter Rosenberg

CelebSweat Flag Football Game -- 2/6/21
- Doug Flutie pinned R-Truth
- R-Truth pinned Doug Flutie

WWE Raw -- 2/15/21
- Akira Tozawa pinned R-Truth
- Bad Bunny pinned Akira Tozawa after he was taken out by Damian Priest

WWE Raw -- 3/15/21
- Bad Bunny handled the title back to R-Truth in exchange for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin merch

WWE Fastlane -- 3/21/21
- Night Panther/Joseph Average/Old Spice Guy pinned R-Truth with a roll-up.
- R-Truth pinned Night Panther/Joseph Average/Old Spice Guy with a roll-up.

WWE Raw -- 5/17/21

- Akira Tozawa pinned R-Truth.

WWE Raw -- 6/28/21

- Drew Gulak pinned Akira Tozawa.

- R-Truth pinned Drew Gulak.

- Akira Tozawa pinned R-Truth.

WWE Raw -- 7/19/21

- Reginald pinned Akira Tozawa.

WWE Raw --11/8/21

- Drake Maverick pinned Reggie

- Akira Tozawa pinned Drake Maverick

- Corey Graves pinned Akira Tozawa

- Byron Saxton pinned Corey Graves

- Drake Maverick pinned Byron Saxton

- Reggie pinned Drake Maverick

WWE Raw -- 11/22/21

- Cedric Alexander pinned Reggie

- Dana Brooke pinned Cedric Alexander

WWE Raw -- 2/14/22

- Reggie pinned Dana Brooke

WWE Raw -- 2/21/22

- Dana Brooke pinned Reggie

WWE Raw -- 4/18/22

- Reggie pinned Dana Brooke

- Tamina pinned Reggie

- Akira Tozawa pinned Tamina

- Dana Brooke pinned Akira Tozawa

WWE Raw -- 5/2/22

- Nikki A.S.H pinned Dana Brooke

- Dana Brooke pinned Nikki A.S.H

WWE Raw -- 5/30/22

- Tamina pinned Dana Brooke

- Akira Tozawa pinned Tamina

WWE Raw -- 6/6/22

- Dana Brooke pinned Akira Tozawa

WWE Main Event -- 6/23/22

- Doudrop pinned Dana Brooke.

- Akira Tozawa pinned Doudrop

- R-Truth pinned Akira Tozawa

- Nikki ASH pinned R-Truth

- Dana Brooke pinned Nikki ASH

WWE Raw -- 7/18/22

- Akira Tozawa pinned Dana Brooke

- Nikki ASH pinned Akira Tozawa

- Alexa Bliss pinned Nikki ASH

- Doudrop pinned Alexa Bliss

- Tamina Snuka pinned Doudrop

- Akira Tozawa pinned Tamina Snuka

- Dana Brooke pinned Akira Tozawa

WWE Live Event -- 9/24/22

- Nikki ASH pinned Dana Brooke

- Referee Daphanie LaShaunn (Aja Smith) pinned Nikki ASH

- Nikki ASH pinned Referee Daphanie LaShaunn (Aja Smith)

- Dana Brooke pinned Nikki ASH

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