Drew McIntyre Says His And Jinder Mahal's Title Victories Mean That "Nothing Is Impossible"

It's been quite a year for the former members of 3MB.

Heath Slater was one-half of the inaugural SmackDown Tag Team Champions, winning the titles last September. Jinder Mahal, perhaps most improbably, rose from the ranks of "extra vascular enhancement talent" to WWE Champion seemingly out of nowhere, taking the belt from Randy Orton at BackLash in May. Then, Drew McIntyre emerged from a match vs Bobby Roode at Takeover Brooklyn III as the new NXT Champion.

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In a new interview with The Whig, McIntyre revealed that he and Jinder have kept in touch since they were both released from the company on June 12, 2014, and stayed on the same page on how they were making the changes that allowed them to return to WWE.

"We kept in contact with each other. Both of us would go back and forth about cutting the negatives out of our lives; both of us cut out the alcohol and the partying, which isn’t productive for an athlete. We started eliminating anything that wasn’t benefiting us, people who weren’t benefiting us. We were just very driven and very focused and we were both on the same page in that sense. Our physiques obviously changed, when you train that hard and try that hard and you’re that driven, pushing each other and pushing each other. It was so cool that our careers started mirroring each other.”

McIntyre also divulged that his old (3-Man) bandmate was in attendance at Takeover Brooklyn III, and after Drew secured the victory, the two unlikely champs celebrated their new-found success together.

“After the show, it was myself and Jinder in the hotel room, both with our titles, looking at each other and saying, ‘Imagine three years ago if somebody said this was going to happen?’ We’d probably have told you you were absolutely insane. But we did it. We believed in ourselves and it’s a message to anybody out there who has a dream that seems impossible. Nothing is impossible. Just look at Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre.”

You can read the entire interview at this link.

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