EC3: NWA, Like All Companies, Should Target A Broad Audience, Not Just A Niche Fanbase

EC3 shares his thoughts on how NWA can grow their leadership.

NWA Powerrr currently airs on YouTube. Rumors continue to swirl about a potential TV deal, as Billy Corgan maintains that the company has two of them in place, despite reports to the contrary. Either way, the company hopes to grow as the beginning of a new year is right around the corner.

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Speaking with MuscleManMalcolm, EC3 was asked to describe how he thinks NWA can grow their leadership.

“Numbers grow by again utilizing a foundational base, developing new, proper talents, not entitle indie wrestlers. By bringing in people that can grow, that have long-term vision, that are self-sacrificial to a brand, knowing that if a brand succeeds, they too will succeed. As far as numbers, YouTube, I’m not that good at the algorithms. But it just seems wrestling is oversaturated on YouTube, and is kind of punished on YouTube, that maybe it is acquiring what’s next as the avenue to find. You think about TV too. A couple weeks ago, we had a big all-out Tuesday night brawl for rating supremacy that totaled 1.3 million. Not a lot. So what are we fighting over? What are we boasting over? What are we really fighting for?" EC3 said.

EC3 went on to state that companies need to branch out from a niche fanbase and appeal to a broader audience. He made it clear that he believes NWA should go in this direction. The champion also noted that entertaining kids and giving them memories with their families is important to him.

"What we should be, all companies included, fighting for is continued growth, starting with a fanbase that we don’t cater to. A niche fanbase is going to be there, thank you. They’ll be there. You need to reach out, branch out. Professional wrestling is entertainment, sport, art. It’s one of the best forums in the world when it’s done right. But we still cater to one small kind of niche that we’re losing the broad picture. I think that’s where NWA should go. I think we should drive for that. I would us being a Saturday morning kind of feature, with pay-per-views kind of pushing the limits a little bit, little more excessive. But building the youth…what I enjoy [about] going to shows and performing, fighting, is when I see families, when I see a son and his dad cheering or booing, when I know they’re cultivating memories that they will have forever. The same memories I have with my old man, whether it’s baseball or whether it’s wrestling. It’s not just about the 35-year-old triple X Gildan-wearing sweaty-palmed, bearded guy. But we really need a vast audience that deserves to see wrestling in its pure form," EC3 said.

During the interview, EC3 stated that he would like to see NWA collaborate with high-level international companies. Check out his comments here.

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