Edge Wants Match With Daniel Bryan, John Silver Defends Original Dark Order Idea | Fight-Size Update

Here is your fight-size update for Friday, February 5, 2021:

- As reported in the latest Wrestling Observer, Edge has pushed to work with Daniel Bryan at some point this year. The two were only briefly members of the same WWE roster. Edge and Daniel Bryan were paired together in Daniel Bryan's first match at SummerSlam in 2010. Edge would retire shortly thereafter before Daniel Bryan became a top star with the company. Just three years ago, this match would have been an impossibility as both men were retired due to injury.

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Tonight, Edge will be on SmackDown. Check out everything you need to know before then in the video above.

- Appearing on the Dynamite Download podcast, John Silver revealed that he always liked the original idea for The Dark Order even though it was not well-received critically.

“When I joined, I thought it was cool, even though they got bad reviews from most people. I thought it was a cool thing because Uno was doing that gimmick by himself on the indies. I’m like, ‘oh, that's so cool. He's got these creepy ass dudes, they make a chair for him. They're like this creepy pervert called, I love it. It's dope.’ Then, they debuted and everyone hated them on AEW so much. So, I always liked what it was originally, too. It wasn't like I needed to fix this.

“For a while, when we were doing our thing with just me, Alex, Uno, and Stu, I'm like,' I think this is cool stuff but it's gotten really mixed reviews.' Then, we were just like screw it, 'we're just going to do stuff on BTE' and that took on a whole ‘nother life.”

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- In an interview with Hollywood Life, Miz joked about being able to help Bad Bunny win another Grammy.

“Maybe he can have another Grammy on his mantle! You know, maybe he can break another record and get another chart-topper. Who knows! Or it could go the other way. He doesn’t apologize, he disrespects us even more, you are in my house. You don’t come into my house with muddy shoes on and just drag your feet all over my floor. You must show respect. Take off those shoes, shake my hand like a man but if you don’t…What happens when someone comes into your house with muddy shoes and disrespects you? They get thrown out.”

- On yesterday's earnings call, WWE President Nick Khan revealed that 20 million people in India viewed WWE Superstar Spectacle. Listen to the full earnings call at this link.

- Bayley, on Twitter, shared a really cool photo of herself, Victoria, and Edge.

- Ahead of tonight's episode of SmackDown, Apollo Crews spoke with the local FOX affiliate in Baltimore about WWE celebrating Black History Month.

- Xavier Woods is now branching out even further to the world of musicals.

- Liv Morgan has a new shirt on WWEShop.

- Sean Ross Sapp was a guest on today's episode of Wrestle Daily with Louis Dangoor.

- In Major League news, Dave Meltzer reports that Calvin Tankman is expected to get a big push and be prepared for current World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu.

- Speaking on Casual Conversations, Renee Paquette revealed Vince McMahon's initial reaction to her commentary.

“I would say my very first night stepping in to do commentary when I was like I really had a f*cking attitude. I was like whatever they want me to do, I’ll just step in no skin off my back if it works, it works and if doesn’t, it doesn't. I feel like everyone walked away from my first night doing a high-fiving feeling like hell yeah! That was really great. I felt good about it but to have Vince seem like he was really excited about it. He congratulated me on it, he tweeted about like oh wow he never sends out those tweets. To get that reaction from him was super cool.”

- MLW still has a working relationship with Dragon Gate in Japan, as noted in the latest Wrestling Observer. Here is what Court Bauer said about that relationship last year when it was first announced.

"Surprise, surprise. We remain in business with NOAH. We actually had some talent teed up to come in and vice versa before the virus hit Japan. I understand it’s come back pretty bad in Japan which is dispiriting. I should also give a quick update on Dragon Gate, as many fans are excited for their introduction. Because of the pandemic, visas and the process which enables them to legally be able to work in America has been significantly delayed. Things will pick up in due time but we’re at the mercy of the realities of the world and government processing applications," Bauer said.

- Bobby Lashley, who debuted in WWE in 2005, appeared on ESPN's Cheap Heat podcast and weighed in on Undertaker's controversial comments about today's locker room being soft. Lashley agreed with the WWE legend. (h/t: Andrew Thompson)

“Yeah, I don’t wanna say I agree with him completely — actually I can because it’s Taker. I can say I agree with him. So, I agree with him. You know what? That’s what The Hurt Business is about. I mean that’s why we came about because we were like, ‘What are we?’ I was like, ‘We’re different from this generation,’” said Lashley. “Our generation came up — when I was in OVW about to go up on the road, everybody was warning us. They were like, ‘Man, you know JBL, you got Chris Benoit, you have Bob Holly, you have Undertaker, you have Booker T.’

"All these guys, not one of these guys are punks. Fit Finlay, [William] Regal, not one of these guys have an ounce of punk in them. So, we were all like that’s our generation so coming in now, we were like, ‘We can’t do this generation. We can’t do what this generation is doing. We don’t wanna do what this generation is doing. We need to put our style on this generation’ and our style is bring ‘em in the ring and beat ‘em up, and if that can’t make it, they can’t make it because we gotta protect this business."

- Action Arcade Wrestling is headed to the PlayStation 4. The game is already available on PC via Steam and was initially a CHIKARA-branded video game before the promotion closed down following the #SpeakingOut movement.

- Speaking with Complex, Rey Mysterio reveals that he would like to play the Tim Drake version of Robin in a Batman movie.

"Tim. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. I did grow up on the Batman comic series. Now if I had a pick a heel character Well, I'm a big question guy, I might even go with the Riddler."

- WWE stock fell below $50 today and is currently sharing for $49.23 per share.

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