Elektra Lopez Swerves Xyon Quinn, Leaves 1/11 NXT 2.0 With Legado Del Fantasma

Elektra Lopez's allegiance remains with Legado del Fantasma.

For months, Lopez has had her eye on Xyon Quinn, even offering him a spot in Legado del Fantasma while Santos Escobar was off television. Quinn rejected the offer and has since been feuding with Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, and Raul Mendoza.

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Last week, Lopez said that she loves her family, but is attracted to success. She then announced that Santos and Xyon would have a match and that she would be leaving with the winner.

Quinn and Escobar did battle on January 11 with Lopez watching on from the outside. When the fight went to the outside of the ring, Lopez made her presence felt, blocking Santos from throwing Xyon into the ring-post. Quinn was then able to fight off Santos, at which point he and Elektra shared a longing look. When he turned to go back into the ring, she kicked him in the groin. From there, Escobar was able to finish Quinn and pick up the win.

Lopez remains an integral member of Legado del Fantasma.

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