New role for Ember Moon.

XCW Wrestling announced Ember Moon is the new head trainer of the XCW Institue, which has been renamed The Dojo. Moon will assume the role next to Matt Palmer.

From XCW:

Athena, aka Ember Moon, will take on the role of Head Trainer along with Matt Palmer. These two individuals have seen great success in wrestling. Athena, a former DFW native wrestler, worked her way up from wrestling school, indy shows, to WWE pay-per-views. She brings the experience of that journey and the knowledge of what today’s scouts are looking for in hiring talent. Matt has seen his success through his touring of country and overseas. Both of these coaches know the struggle and how to arm you with the tools needed to conquer.

We will offer clinics, extra classes, and more not offered at other schools. Picking the right school is a huge and important decision for someone wanting to break into the wrestling business. That’s why we are taking steps to provide our students with the best chance to start that career running.

We aren’t stopping there. If you are already working and feeling like you aren’t progressing or moving upward, talk to us. We have excellent rates for established wrestlers that give you a chance to get the education and tools you need to make the more significant steps for your career. Who you know is essential, and at The Dojo, we give you that and much more.

The Dojo is located in Denton, Texas. You can find more information by clicking here.

Moon is currently sidelined with a leg injury. It is unknown when she will return to television.

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