Ember Moon: "When I Was Younger And I Was A Kid, I Was Bullied Maliciously For Being Different"

"The Shenom" opens up about her past.

Former NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon competed in the Women's Money In The Bank Ladder match last night at the 'Money In The Bank' PPV in Chicago. Moon was not able to secure the briefcase but she gave a hard-fought effort in the match that was recognized by those who viewed it. Prior to stepping into the ring with the seven other competitors involved in the match Ember Moon was interviewed by the New York Post and during the discussion Moon revealed the origins of her character.

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"To be honest, the qualities about myself that I always… I’ll say used to feel ashamed of. I used to be very secluded. I used to just kind of chill out on my own, but then when the opportunity presents itself, I just like fire up and just do it." She said. "I always felt that there was a lot of rejection thrown at me outside of wrestling and I always overcame that every single time and I just won’t be told 'no' and I won’t stay down and that’s just amplified through Ember Moon. Man, it’s crazy. It is me times one thousand."

Moon also shared that she had her hardships and struggles growing up as her own uniqueness did not garner the liking of those around her as a young child. She went on to explain how she looks back at those hard times and thinks about how far she has come, and the feeling of knowing she overcame those hardships is impeccable.

"When I was younger and I was a kid, I was bullied maliciously for being different; for liking video games, for liking wrestling. Just no one wanted to be around that, and so, I became like the reclusive person that kind of hung in the shadows and that became me, like I was kind of, for years, afraid to be me and ashamed of being me because so many people disliked me, and just coming full circle, it’s like now everything that people doubted me on or like bullied me for — and that’s the word for it — I just kind of proved to be stronger than that." Moon stated. "I proved to be better than that. I kept standing up and kept proving that I am not going to follow the group. I am going to follow my own path and it’s ok to do that. That’s kind of what Ember Moon is. I followed my own path."


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