Enzo Amore Explains That He Caused A Scene At Survivor Series To Gain Vince McMahon's Respect

Enzo Amore was trying to earn the respect of Vince McMahon when he caused a scene at WWE Survivor Series in November.

Amore infamously interrupted the event, reciting his pre-match promo from ringside in the middle of a bout between The Bar and AOP. Enzo was chased out of the building by security and banned from the Staples Center as a result of his actions.

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On Wednesday, at an appearance at the West Side Comedy Club in New York City, Enzo explained his reasoning behind interrupting Survivor Series.

"It had nothing to do with my music. I’ll tell you why I did it -- I knew for a fact, Vince McMahon would be heated more than anything in the world -- but he’d respect the fuck out of it. That’s why I did it," said Enzo. "Because it was about one person, and that was it. Because I proved to him that I could beat him at his own game of statistics and numbers, and this that and the other, and I don’t even work for your company. I broke no laws, I bought a ticket."

Enzo revealed that he paid $2,500 for the ringside seat. He then explained how he was able to get away from security. 

"I looked at her and I go, 'Lisa, I'm a good person. And you know it.' It was the most intimate moment I've had with a woman in years," he said. "She goes, 'You gotta go see Vince.' 'I don't work here, Lisa.' All of a sudden the cops and security are coming. I look at her and go, 'I deserve better.' She slowly let go of my shirt. As the cops are closing in -- and this woman wants to take me to see Vince McMahon -- I go, 'I'm out.' Barged out the side door, had an Uber waiting out there, took a picture with two fans, hopped in the Uber. How you doin?"

Sean Waltman revealed on his podcast that WWE security guard Lisa was given a standing ovation from the locker room for tackling Enzo. Steve Austin and Kane recently stated on a podcast that Vince McMahon respects those who are willing to challenge him.

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