Eric Bischoff Admits He Didn't See The Long-Term Star Power Of Big Show Upon First Meeting Him

Big Show, ever since his debut in 1995 for WCW, has been a main event player in the world of professional wrestling. One of the few names who crossed over between WCW and WWE during the Monday Night War in the 90s and was able to be on the top of the card for both promotions.

On his podcast, while discussing his first impressions of the man who behind the curtain, is known as Paul Wight, former WCW president, Eric Bischoff, admits that he did not initially see major star potential in the 7-foot athlete upon first signing him in the 90s.

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“I wasn't creative at that time, wasn't in creative at that time. So I didn't think creatively. I wasn't thinking, 'okay, we're going to get this guy, who are we going to work him with?' You know, I left that up to people like [Ric Flair,] Dusty, and Kevin Sullivan, and others, because I didn't have any confidence in my abilities in that area. So it wasn't my first thought wasn't a creative one, because that wasn't my world at that time,” Bischoff said. “My first thought was business. And business-wise, we're getting him at a really, really great price. Business-wise, it was worth taking a risk. Business-wise, there was no reason not to do a deal with Paul Wight because it wasn't costing me a lot of money at the time. So it was a good roll of the dice. But deep down inside, I just didn't see it. I didn't see who he'd work with. I didn't see how we'd make this guy, you know, a major star. And I think looking back, and certainly not being critical of Paul, I love Paul. He's a great, great guy. We've got a good history together. And I hope to see him, you know, down the road someday. All that being said, you know, although Paul has had a tremendous career in WWE, he's made a fortune in WWE, millions upon millions upon millions of dollars. Paul has now gone on to get involved in the acting. And I think he's got a Netflix series that's coming out or is out. So Paul's been very successful, but I don't think anybody can look at Paul Wight and say, 'wow, he was one of the greatest superstars in WWE.'”

Big Show and Eric Bischoff would be in WWE at the same time during Eric Bischoff's tenure as the Monday Night Raw General Manager between 2002 and 2006, but their history together was never played up for an on-camera storyline.

These days, Big Show is an ambassador for the WWE brand and, as Eric mentioned, will be starring in a Netflix sitcom that is based on a hyperbolic take on his life.

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