Eric Bischoff Compares Pro Wrestling To A Magic Show

Al Snow caused a stir (per usual) on Twitter recently when he mentioned that he thought wrestling fans should "stop being pseudo experts." Eric Bischoff seems to agree.

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On a new episode of the Bischoff on Wrestling Podcast, the former WCW President said that Pro Wrestling, much like magic, should be enjoyed and not understood.

“I saw the traction that it got and the responses that it got and I understand it because wrestling fans are passionate. That’s the great thing about the wrestling industry -- the people that love it really love it. Now with the internet and the way people communicate, and the communities that exist digitally people share ideas and conversations easily. I get it, and I support it, and I am playing into it while we do this show right now. I am not going to bad mouth it but knowing Al as well as I do, what he is saying is something that I agree with. Can you imagine if you and your girlfriend decided you are going to buy a couple of plane tickets and fly to Las Vegas for the weekend and you can’t wait to see David Copperfield? You spend a couple hundred dollars for David Copperfield tickets, you get a nice dinner, you have a couple cocktails and you have all this anticipation and excitement for David Copperfield, one of the greatest magicians in the world! You get to the show, get a great seat in the front row and twenty minutes before the show starts somebody comes out and goes, “David is going to be out in twenty minutes and you are going to be amazed with David’s magic but before he comes out let me show you how the tricks are done. Let me show you!” How would you feel?”

 You can hear Bischoff's full podcast at this link.

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