Eric Bischoff Didn’t Warn MJF He Was Changing Verbiage Before Inner Circle Town Hall Segment

Eric Bischoff has nothing but praise for Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

Eric Bischoff made his second appearance on AEW television, posing questions to both Chris Jericho and MJF as part of a town hall to decide whether or not Friedman should be able to join Jericho and the Inner Circle.

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Speaking on the After 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff praised the creative freedom allowed in AEW and MJF for his improvisational skills.

“It was a town hall that had the political kind of vibe to it, and I wanted to try to come up with a way for my dialogue to be kind of consistent with what the scene was,” Bischoff said. “I took what had been prepared for me in the notes [and] I went, 'Oh yeah. But if I changed it up this way, it won't change the meaning of anything. It does the exact same thing. It just kind of makes it feel more tuned-in politically, based on the theme of that segment.' So I went to Chris and I said, 'hey, Chris, I got an idea.' He goes, 'Yeah, go ahead. That's what you're here for. Make it your own.' I went 'wow, that's fucking cool.' That's the way I like to work. Now, you start thinking. Now the creativity part of your brain starts firing. So I went back and polished it up a little bit in my own head and I went out and I did it.

“It wasn't until last night when I watched it, did I realize that I smartened up Chris, but I didn't smarten up MJF. He had no idea that question was coming the way I posed it.”

He continued, “He just hit that thing like a two-hundred pound softball, just splattered it, didn't miss a beat... Everybody knows he's a very talented guy and certainly he knows it. But I was so impressed with the way he didn't even blink when I changed up the dialogue that he was expecting. That was really cool.”

That segment would conclude with the announcement that Chris Jericho will face MJF at AEW Full Gear on Saturday, November 7th, and should MJF get the victory over Jericho, he will be allowed to join the Inner Circle.

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