Eric Bischoff Says He Was Never Bullied In WWE, Never Witnessed Bullying Of Others Either

The conversation surrounding JBL’s bullying tendencies only continues to grow with multiple wrestling personalities sharing their opinion every day. One of the latest to speak on the topic was Eric Bischoff, who discussed the subject on the latest edition of his podcast:

“When I was in WWE, if there was anybody who should have been treated badly or was a candidate to be treated badly, it would have been me because of the history I had with WWE when I got there. The way people felt about me when I got there for all of those things that happened,” Bischoff said. “I never saw the kind of things I hear about. I never experienced them personally. That’s what I know. Forgive me if I don’t immerse myself in this conversation too much deeper than that. You ask me about my opinion about the Mauro Ranallo/Justin Roberts/JBL stuff and all I can tell you is I never saw it and it never happened to me. That’s it.”

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Bischoff was employed by the WWE for five years from 2002 to 2007 and he says that during that time he never saw bullying occur.

The former head of WCW has recently returned to the WWE fold, appearing on multiple network shows and inducting Diamond Dallas Page in the Hall of Fame. Regardless, this particular story is seemingly far from over and it will be interesting to follow the range of opinions as they continue to come in.

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