Eva Marie Talks Sobriety And How To Deal With 'The Haters'

While we haven't seen Eva Marie in the ring since August, she has still been in the limelight with her role on Total Divas and her new fashion line, NEM Fashion.  The former All-Red-Everything star, who now sports black hair, posted a video to her YouTube channel that has her answering questions from fans.  Eva talks about light subjects like hair color and movie roles and also dives into deep subjects like alcoholism, which not very many people knew she struggled with.

Eva dives into the sobriety question first and foremost, getting the hard topic out of the way. Eva talks about managing recovery while dealing with her busy schedule.

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"For me, yes, you absolutely have to carve out time for it because you just have to remember how desperate and willing you were to get sober in the first place and never lose that feeling because, you know, life is crazy as it is. Right now I am living my dream as opposed to five years ago things were not like this, but I have to constantly remember that because it's easy to forget.  Especially when good things start to happen and you start feeling, like, ok.  You have to hang onto the fact that, you know, that need and that want, because if you're not sober, then you're not gonna have anything. And that's kinda one of the things that I have to, you know, remind myself.  And I have an amazing sponsor. Whoever follows me on social media, you see me post about her and she keeps me in check because, you know, I talk to her weekly.  So it's just like anything, you gotta want it bad enough"

Eva continues on and gives great advice to others who may be struggling.

"I refer to it like working out. How bad do you want to work out? How bad do you wanna drop some weight, or get in shape or eat healthy? You have to not only be determined but focused. So it's the same thing with your sobriety except this time, like, it's a life or death thing, and that's what's a little bit scary"

Eva is not known for being the most likeable character in the business, and with that comes a lot of "haters". Eva talks about how she deals with the negativity that comes with that on social media.

"When you first see negative comments or you know people saying bad things about you, we're all human, and it doesn't feel good. We all want to be liked and accepted, so, sure it's gonna hurt or sting a little bit but at the end of the day, you have to remember these people don't know you. They have no idea how you are as a person, how you interact with people on a day to day basis. And if anything, I kinda feel bad for anybody that feels the need to go on social media and leave something negative because, I mean, what good is that doing?"

Eva Marie also goes on to talk about her fashion line NEM Fashion and her influences. She also talks about her two film roles coming up this year, Inconceivable and Action No. 1. 

We may not be seeing Eva Marie in the WWE Universe anytime soon, but that certainly doesn't mean she is going away.

You can watch her full Q and A above.

Catch Eva on Total Divas returning from mid season break on April 5th. If you miss it, don't worry, Fightful.com will have you covered with a full recap.

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