Exclusive: What It's Like For Braxton Sutter To Work With His Wife

There's an old adage that states you should never work with your significant other. 

Sometimes, however, it just can't be avoided, especially when both parties happen to be in the business of professional wrestling. 

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Though it used to be taboo to acknowledge real life relationship or even work with your partner on television, the reigns have been loosened a bit more over the years. From Miz and Maryse to Mike Bennett and Maria, there are more cases of couples working together to produce a great product.

One couple that has been working by each other's side for the last handful of months is Braxton Sutter and Allie of Impact Wreslting.

The two have been working as a pair since a storyline on television took place that saw Sutter leave his then on-screen love interest Laurel Van Ness at the alter during their wedding for Allie. The rest, as they say, is history.

Still, Sutter didn't always want to work with his wife. In fact, he was set against ever doing so.

“It's weird," he said. "When me and her first got together, it was weird because I actually didn't want to work together. I hated when promoters just plugged a guy and girl together just because they're dating in real life, and their characters aren't even similar.

"I wasn't going to let anyone do that."

Sutter recalled that the first time he finally caved to working alongside his wife was during a show for Squared Circle Wrestling. He said they were both presented with an angle where she would become his heel valet, and it just made no sense not to do it. It then just became a normal thing from then on. 

What makes it easy for him to work with Allie, aside from the fact that they have natural chemistry together, is the fact that he sees the talent his wife has.

"She's really good," Sutter opined. "Ever since the first time I saw her wrestle, she was really good. It just kept clicking and working from then on.”

Sutter and Allie are currently involved in a continuing storyline with Van Ness on Impact Wrestling, which airs each week on POP TV.

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