Aleister Black Hasn't Been Backstage At Smackdown In Months

If you've wondered where Aleister Black has been, you're not alone.

Black was drafted to Smackdown in late 2020, but never ended up appearing for the brand. Perhaps not-so-coincidentally, his wife Zelina was released from her contract after issues regarding her staying on third-party platforms, a banned action within WWE.

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Fightful Select recently reported that Black also hasn't been at the shows themselves of late.

You haven't seen Aleister Black on WWE TV since being drafted to Smackdown, which was around the time his wife Zelina was fired from the company. Sources on Smackdown have indicated to us that they've not seen him at all backstage since after the Zelina release. We haven't heard as to whether or not there are any specific issues between Black and WWE, but one person we talked to in the company seems to think that they're letting any ill will between the two subside.

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