Anita Vaughan: I Want To Keep Getting To Mix It Up With Some Of The Best Women In Europe

Anita Vaughan discusses what she wants to achieve in 2024.

Vaughan has been a common face on both the Irish and United Kingdom independent wrestling circuits and has been teaming alongside Debbie Keitel as part of The Gals. She has also branched out to other countries for events, such as Denmark with Bodyslam Wrestling and more.

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While speaking to Fightful's Corey Brennan in a recent interview, Vaughan was asked if she would like to make the UK her home in 2024. Anita would go on to say that she would like to continue wrestling the top women's talent anywhere in Europe throughout this year.

"For me personally, in my wrestling, the more stuff I could do with The Gals and in the UK, I would love to. So to get to do more tag wrestling there as well. My own goals then outside of that have always been, I want to wrestle the more experienced women, like the ones I was talking about in the Eve locker room, They're all based in the UK. So for me, my goals for this year are to mix it up with the best in the BritWrest scene. For me, that means me going to England, going to Scotland, going to Wales, mixing it up with them and showing that I can go with them as well. So absolutely, the more I can wrestle there, that is on my to-do list 100%. Luckily, I've gotten to wrestle in places like Denmark against some of the big British women's names, like i wrestled Safire Reed out in Bodyslam and like that was really great, that was really fun. I just want to keep doing more of that. I'd love to kind of get out there and mix it up with like the girls all across Europe not just the UK. I've got wXw coming up where I get to wrestle like former wXw world women's champion Baby Allison and that's Saturday actually. I'll be on a flight to Germany between then and now, and like it'll be great craic, but that's what I want to keep doing, getting to mix it up with some of the best women in Europe and and fingers crossed, I can keep doing that."

As mentioned, Vaughan is scheduled to face off with Baby Allison with wXw on March 2nd.

Elsewhere in Vaughan's same interview with Fightful, she stated that she probably would not be wrestling today without Becky Lynch. You can read more about that here.

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