Braun Strowman: Crocs Are My PARTY SHOES, I Wear Them When I'm In A Good Mood

Braun Strowman went Croc hunting, and got a haul.

Strowman was interviewed by Fightful in Crocs, which quickly prompted the question as to his motivation in sporting the oft-criticized footwear.

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"I don’t need motivation," said Braun "Look at these things, they’re fashionable, they’re comfortable. If you have to you can put them in four wheel drive and get in the mud. They’re easy. These are when I’m in a good mood. These are my party shoes. When I got the boots on, then watch out."

Needless to say, Strowman isn't exactly sporting the Crocs when he's destroying property on WWE Raw, which happens fairly regularly. Over the years, Strowman has been tasked with tearing up semi trucks, vehicles, Titantrons, lighting rigs and various other structures.

"The ideas that come across the table and things that we’ve done, it’s great," Strowman told us. "A lot of the times I get to work and I have no idea what’s going on. I’ll pull into the building and I’ll see our stunt team out messing around with stuff and I go, “Hm. I wonder what I’m doing today.” [I] get in and get to talking with the boss. It’s always the best, he gets so excited for these things, and so do I. And I feel the fans do as well. Because, let’s be for real, I’ve been turned into a real life comic book character. I’m the Incredible Hulk brought to real life. So it’s been awesome the things we get to do and, yeah, it’s never a dull moment at work with me. It’s constant craziness."

A lot of the ideas are brought to Strowman by Vince McMahon himself. While sometimes the likelihood of making some of these feats happen seem farfetched, Strowman says that what Vince says goes, and almost always ends up happening.

"It’s kind of just like “this is what you’re doing, what do you think?” “Alright! Let’s go!” Most of the time when he gets his mind made up on something he goes full bore until he does it. So, I don’t know, I can’t think of anything we talked about doing that we’ve never ended up doing," said Strowman.

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