Bret Hart Reveals Who Had The Worst Sharpshooters Ever

Bret Hart sets the record straight on who does the submission move that he helped make famous with the least “excellence of execution.”

The Sharpshooter, one of the most iconic submission moves in pro wrestling history. Also one of the moves that has been attempted by multiple people throughout the years. Whether it be Cesaro, Natalya, Steve Austin, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, or Jeff Jarrett on a World Wrestling All-Stars pay-per-view in 2001, the Sharpshooter has been attempted by many wrestlers and not all of them have executed the move properly.

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Speaking with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Bret Hart opened up about who he thinks does the move the worst.

"I can tell you the ones that have the worst easier. I know Steve Austin had a hard time putting it on, so did Rock. They would tell you that themselves. You think, when you look at it, you go ‘Oh, I can put that on.’ But, you gotta think about it and gotta know how to put it on to appreciate it," said Bret.

One of the most infamous applications of the Sharpshooter came at the 1997 WWE Survivor Series event when Shawn Michaels put Bret Hart in the move, allowing for Vince McMahon to ring the bell and give birth to the Mr. McMahon character through the oft-discussed Montreal Screwjob.

Bret Hart reveals that Shawn Michaels had a very hard time properly applying the maneuver and Brett would actually have to give him instructions on how to properly apply the move and in turn, Bret would help further along the moment that would see him leave the WWE without returning for more than a decade.

"Yeah. A lot of guys, even on the screwjob, I had to yell up at Shawn as he was putting it on. I had to yell up, ‘You’re putting it on backwards.’ Then, if you watch, he switches. So, I actually helped him put the final screwjob on right," said Bret.

Following the screwjob, Bret Hart found himself in WCW alongside Sting. Sting had been doing the very same suggestion, which he called The Scorpion Deathlock, years before Bret began utilizing the hold and Bret Hart feels that Sting was one of the best to ever apply the move.

"I think Sting always put it on. The Scorpion Deathlock and the Sharpshooter are basically the same thing. So, Sting was always a real pro. He put it on as well as anybody. If anything, he had it first, I think."

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