Brian Myers Discusses Extreme Conversations, Interviewing His Favorite ECW Stars

Brian Myers discusses his 'Extreme Conversations with Brian Myers' podcast which will be part of the Major Figure Wrestling Podcast family.

Myers is an admitted lifelong fan of ECW, now that he's a worldwide known name, he's befriended many of his past and present heroes in the business which has allowed him the chance to finally sit down and shoot the breeze with them on his own show.

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"Basically a passion project of mine. Truth be told, it’s under the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast network umbrella. Basically Matt had the idea for MC True Long Island Story and I kinda felt like, ‘Well, I have to bring something to the table here.’ I don’t want him busting my balls ‘til the end of time. -- I’ve been such a life long passionate ECW fan boy and it’s just never left me. It’ got to the point where I’ve been wrestling over seventeen years now and I’ve befriended most of these guys. They’re in my own personal rolodex and I’ve begged a few of them to do this on their own. I said, ‘There’s no ECW podcast. Sure there’s things where things are covered, but there’s no podcast just for ECW and ECW alone.’ I thought, no shot at him, but Dreamer has a podcast. I said, ‘Dude, this has to be an ECW podcast. You can’t just have another whatever podcast that people do about wrestling. This is your wheelhouse. Use that.’ He didn’t listen to me. I begged Raven to do it. Didn’t do it. So I said, ‘You know what? I’ll just do it my damn self. I have all these guys at my fingertips anyway. They’re my buddies and I’d love to talk to them anyway.’ It really turned out. It’s a complete passion project with much to the help of Smart Mark Sterling, who has the tedious job of editing this all up. As we were going along, we realized we had something special here, but its not a regular podcast in that there’s so much editing to it. It’s not just, Here’s this interview with this guy.’ It’s multiple interviews chopped up in different categories and we dropped it Netflix season style where you can just binge and listen to it at your leisure. You see the list of the six episodes, you can go, ‘Huh, the one about Balls Mahoney interests me, I’ll listen to that first.’ You can’t go wrong, basically."

As fun as talking to wrestling legends sounds, there's quite a bit of work that goes into having your own show whether it's booking, dealing with technical issues or sometimes the legends themselves forgetting big moments in their careers.

"There’s a really fun moment. I’m interviewing Raven and the whole episode is about Anarchy Rulz ’99. He’s in a tag team title match, sold out, Chicago. It’s a show where so many notable things happen. That’s where Taz, it’s public knowledge he’s leaving, it’s his big send off. It’s unforgettable stuff to me as a fan. I go, ‘Raven. Anarchy Rulz, 1999. You’re in this tag team title match. Hit me. What do you remember?’ He goes, ‘Nothing. Don’t remember one goddamn thing about even being there, that it happened. No.’ I’m like, ‘Awesome. Thank you.’"

Myers named a few of his favorites to interview and while most would names such as RVD, Tommy Dreamer or Sabu, Myers was a fan of getting to speak with some of the unsung heroes of the era, including 'The Godfather of ECW music' Harry Slash as well as the late Chris Candido's brother, Johnny Candido.

"I think a real cool one that we got that most people don’t hear from is Harry Slash, who is the godfather of the music. There’s a whole episode on just the music and why people’s entrance musics were what they were. […] I knew the meat and potatoes of that was his involvement in that and a lot of people don’t know that story. I thought that was a really cool get because you don’t just see him pop up on interviews every day. The other unsung hero, which I loved because he has no filter and he has the most fun stories, was Johnny Candido—the little brother of the late great Chris Candido—who came threw, especially in the Balls episode, with some unbelievable stories. One of my buddies from Creative Pro said he was working out listening to the Balls episode. I said, ‘Dude, that’s flat out dangerous. You’re gonna drop a barbell on yourself laughing or something.’ He said, ‘Bro, I almost did.’ I said, ‘Yeah, I would not recommend that at all,’ because there’s so many legit L-O-L moments in that Balls Mahoney episode. I think that Balls Mahoney one could be a four parter or more if we wanted to. You just say that name and guys light up, they want to tell these outrageous stories. That was a lay-up."

If you're a fan of old-school ECW, Extreme Conversations is a must-listen, as explained by Myers himself.

"If you loved ECW, it doesn’t need explanation. You just get it. If you were in those crowds, like I went to a bunch of live ECW shows and today it pulls at my heartstrings as a wrestling fan. The way I felt, the excitement, the intimacy, it’s never been topped for me as a wrestling fan. I hold onto it to this day as a thirty-six year old. Spoiler alert, on the Major Patreon, if you sign up, there is a bonus episode of Extreme Conversations all about the original San Francisco Toy Makers action figures. That’s already in the can, up right now if you sign up for the Patreon, you can listen to it amongst a million other bonus things that we offer on our Patreon. But that’s the Extreme Conversations edition to it," Myers said.

You can see our full interview with Myers at the top of the page, and check out Extreme Conversations at this link.

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