Brian Myers: If I Never Wrestle For WWE Again, I Have My WrestleMania Moment; Found Out Days Before

Brian Myers is a year removed from his second WWE run, and about two years removed from a very special WrestleMania moment.

After enduring one of the longest losing streaks in WWE history, Myers, then portraying Curt Hawkins, was given a dream opportunity. That losing streak would be ended by winning the WWE Raw Tag Team Titles with his best friend, in a stadium that resides on his home turf. As he told Fightful ahead of Figure Wrestling Federation live, he didn't even know it would be happening a week prior.

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"Oh, three days? Four days maybe, at the most," Myers said of the notice of his WrestleMania 35 Moment. "We left that RAW, six days out, we weren’t even sure that we’d have the match or if that was really happening. It was kind of a—not to steal from another podcast—it was rumor and innuendo. No one had told us officially or anything. I’m pretty sure we were at an Axxess appearance or something and our phones started to blow up that someone had gotten the program and it was in that thing of all the matches and stuff on it. Maybe later that day the producer contacted us like, ‘Hey, I got your match. It’s happening.’ So, it was very, very last minute. I want to say Matt and I were sitting together at the signing for Axxess and it was like Twitter, everything, all the above. It was all happening at the same time."

A years-long losing streak wouldn't be the first choice of many performers, but Brian Myers took a unique approach to it that paid off for him.

"I say this to people all the time, I embraced the streak so much and it was honestly so much fun. It was like a magic trick. I took the politics out of pro wrestling and that’s impossible otherwise, right? Everyone’s showing up hoping like, ‘Oh, I hope this is the day. Am I gonna get a push? Am I gonna get a win? This or that.’ I literally took all that out of my life. I’d show up and be like, ‘What’s this guy’s finisher? Oh, awesome. I’m going to take it the best I possibly can ‘cause that’s literally my job now, ‘cause I’ve completely embraced this streak.’ It was so much fun. So, what I would try not to do, and I never really did, was think about how it would end. ‘Cause I felt like I would just drive myself crazy and I was really enjoying it. So, what’s the point? So, I never could have conjured this all up," Myers told us.

Years of losing, and embracing that losing streak paid off in a moment that he'll never forget, in front of the people he loves at MetLife Stadium. Few performers have the opportunity to make that happen in general, much less in a dream scenario surrounded by people they care about.

"It all happened so fast. I really had no time to think about it. It was such a whirlwind, really. But, I mean, it all worked out. It was, for real, a dream scenario. Hometown. Literally in front of my wife and daughter. I got a kiss from them in the front row after I wont he belts with my best friend in my hometown in Jets inspired gear in the stadium that I’d go to as a fan. There was a lot of things attached to it which is just surreal. It was a whole week of that. We had all of these awesome appearances and we had our second ever live Major Pod show. That was a big success. Matt and I, we just had a really, really incredible week. Even the next night, Barclays was rocking. We had another really good one with Revival and it was just really, really cool. Not that even matters, but Kofi’s one of our friends for fifteen years. We started developmental when all of us literally couldn’t be next to nothing nobodies and to see him on the same show do what he did. Like, there’s just so many good feelings attached to that day and that week. I’ll never forget it. I’ll forever be grateful for that. At the end of the day, if I never wrestle for WWE again—I don’t want to say who cares, but I’ll always have that moment. You know? It’s pretty special.

You can see Brian Myers each week on IMPACT Wrestling, but up next for him is Major Pod's Figure Wrestling Federation LIVE on Thursday, April 8. Pre-orders are available now, and you can watch the event through April 15 before it goes away.

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