Brian Myers Says Vince McMahon Hand Picked Him For Producer Role And 2016 Return

The former Curt Hawkins has a lot of things on his resume -- wrestler, trainer, podcaster, content creator. For a little while, he was a WWE producer.

In 2018, Brian Myers, who portrayed Curt Hawkins, was on the shelf and couldn't wrestle. Already enjoying success as a trainer, it was Vince McMahon specifically who called upon him to become a producer.

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"It was a little over two months," Myers recalled. "I had this crazy weird pain very close to my private parts after a loop one time and I was honestly baffled and slightly concerned. So, I finally got to the doctor the next day and had it checked out. It was a hernia. It was just really, really low on my abdomen wall. So, whatever. Got the surgery set up. It’s very minor. Two months, you’re out, whatever. I was like, ‘Oh, this is actually kinda sweet.’ Then I had that all set up, told the office, was all good to go and then the next day Carrano called me and said, ‘Hey. Vince saw your name on the injury report and he’d like you to be a producer while you’re out and learn that side of the business.’ So, that was pretty unique and flattering invitation that I didn’t feel like I had the opportunity to turn down. I actually wound up working more hurt than I would have as talent compared to my dots in my calendar and what I would have done."

The process was a much different one for Myers. As mentioned, he's done plenty of mind-molding outside the ring, but his duties, and outfits were completely different.

"I’m at both TVs and pay-per-views. Suit, everything, and I’ve never been in this element and I’m so, so far removed from college or anything like that. I was wide eyed, ‘What’s happening?’ ‘Cause I was so removed from any kind of situation like that, I’ve just been a big dumb wrestler my whole adult life. But, it was invaluable. It was cool. I think it made me a much better performer even, ‘cause I’m seeing that side. Or at least seeing what his vision is, you know? I mean, the boys’ll hate me for saying this, but I feel like everyone should be in that meeting. ‘Cause then we’d all have a better understanding and then we can go do it and get it done. Instead of he said, she said, hearing it from the three, four people down. It’s just ridiculous. But, it was invaluable. It was very, very cool learning experience," Myers said.

Myers was very appreciative of the opportunity, but as soon as he was able, he wanted back in the ring.

"I think I was 33. So, as soon as I got cleared, I went to Vince and said, ‘Hey, this was so flattering. Unbelievable learning experience. But, please, let me wrestle. Father time’s gonna get me at some point, let’s not do it on my own.’ He said, ‘Great. I would just love to have you do it one day when you’re ready.’ I said, ‘Me, too, pal. Thanks,’ and I scurried down the hallway thinking, ‘Oh, I don’t want him to change his mind. It was a flattering situation. So, I did not complain about it once," said Myers.

Myers was brought back to WWE in 2016, and says that the brand split was a big reason why. Fortunately for him, it was another instance of Vince McMahon picking him.

"They decided to split the rosters due to the draft and thought they needed more bodies. I guess what they decided is that they wanted people who knew what they were doing, how to work WWE style, television style. They wanted guys that could just be thrown on TV the next day. So, they compiled a list. I heard they put it in front of Vince and Vince handpicked the names off of it he wanted and I was one of them. Mark Carrano called me and offered me the job. Somewhere along the lines in my first run I had a match, and I don’t know who or when it was, but Vince soaked it in and what he got out of it is that Curt Hawkins is a really good hand. Like, he’s great at what he does, he can make other people look great. Something along those lines. Which is a good and bad thing, for sure. Like, I don’t think he saw me as this Roman Reigns mega star, but he saw me as someone that knew what he was doing and that he could trust, that wasn’t selfish, and there’s a lot to that. I take pride in that. There’s nothing wrong with that. It got me an insane amount of opportunities. Training with the Rock, or things like this, or even getting this job the second time around. Whatever. Or being a producer. So, I’m not upset by it by any means. But, that’s certainly what happened in some capacity," Myers said.

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