Court Bauer Would Like To Think A Wrestling Supershow Is Possible

Court Bauer comments on a possible supershow in the world of wrestling.

MLW Has shown the willingness to work with multiple promotions in the United States and across the sea, partnering with CMLL, NJPW, NWA, Dragon Gate, and more.

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Rocky Romero, who recently returned to MLW at MLW Slaughterhouse, has been a bridge for many promotions, including AEW, MLW, CMLL, New Japan, and more.

While multiple promotions have had joint shows or featured talent from other promotions on their show, there has yet to be a super show where the promotions have united in branding across the board.

"Most promoters, in their idealistic way, would like to think that's possible," Court Bauer told Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful when asked about a potential super show.

Bauer continued, "Ego, finishes, logistics, sensitivities get in the way of those things. I, myself, really was an isolated organization domestically by design from 2017 to basically the last few months because when I started out in wrestling, I was broken in by the Samoans, Gary Albright, son-in-law of Afa, got me in. I somehow convinced All Japan, through Gary, to be an American scout for All Japan. I was like a teenager, I don't know how I conned myself into that, but it worked. In any event, I really loved All Japan. Baba's way was to be an isolated state. He was kind of on an island to himself. I thought that was interesting. The philosophy was, it's All Japan first and foremost, and you don't deal with any of the politics. It's a big drain, it becomes complicated, it's a mistake. I kind of practiced that virtually my whole run as a promoter. Internationally, I had great relationships with Dragon Gate, New Japan, NOAH, IWA Puerto Rico, at one point AAA, now CMLL. It's always been there, but domestically, I just always stayed isolated. My emerging philosophy, as changes are in the wind in MLW, part of that is, I want to change that.

"We flirted with that thanks to Conrad Thompson and the Ric Flair retirement show. You had this serendipitous thing where everyone kind of came together for a funky Woodstock in Nashville. It was cool in that you got to see TNA vs. MLW, New Japan on the card, legends on the card, NWA, all these things happening and everything was great. It was like the accidental guinea pig of what could be, and it's been floating in my mind ever since. Why not? How does that work? As I look to 2024, I think there is opportunity there. You need the other side to come to the table, but the international partners are cool. It's just, domestically, can that part of the Rubix cube get figured out? From our end, we would welcome those conversations in the event that there is interest on the other side. I can't read their minds, you don't know what's going on. For fans, they are kind of almost there but they're getting it on a hyper-local level when you see a local independent show and there are guys from MLW at AEW and IMPACT, and they're kind of wrestling each other, but without the juice, hype, connective storylines that you'd get from all the groups cooperating. It's kind of happening, you just need to streamline that thing and everyone needs to sit in a room, have a few slices of pizza and some beer and figure this out."

MLW was represented by Jacob Fatu at Ric Flair's Last Match when he battled IMPACT Wrestling star, and IMPACT Wrestling World Champion at the time, Josh Alexander.

MLW will have CMLL representation at MLW One Shot on December 7 as Rocky Romero defends the MLW World Middleweight Championship and the NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship against Máscara Dorada.

Fans can learn more about MLW One Shot by clicking here.

Fans can watch the full interview with Court in the video above.

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